China's first transformer with the largest output capacity has been successfully developed

On the 3rd, China's first generator transformer with the largest export capacity was successfully developed in Baoding Tianwei Baoji Electric Co., Ltd., Hebei Province. After testing, its main technical performance indicators have reached the international advanced level, and they have the shipping conditions.

According to the person in charge of Tianwei Baobian, the company's successfully developed SFPZ-850MVA/400kV three-phase one-phase transformer will be used in Saudi Arabian 2×660MW subcritical fuel power generation project. The project is one of the major projects of cooperation between China and Saudi Arabia and was included in the "421 Special Project" of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China. On December 6, 2009, Tianwei Baochang successfully signed a transformer subcontract for this project with a domestic company, and took the development and production of six transformers.

The company's technical personnel said that the SFPZ-850MVA/400kV three-phase transformer has a voltage regulation mode of on-load voltage regulation. For the first time, the three-phase cooling of the SF6 arrester and ODAF/ONAF/ONAN is adopted in the 400kV oil insulated cable structure. The structure is complex. With high technical requirements and great difficulty in manufacturing, it has created a new record for single capacity in large generator transformer products exported by China's transformer manufacturers.

It is understood that during the R&D process, R&D personnel are doing a good job in magnetic flux leakage analysis, local overheating analysis, and mechanical analysis of super-large fuel tanks while choosing to satisfy both the electrical performance of the oil insulated wire outlet structure and the mechanical performance of the outlet wire structure. The reasonable structure of performance and operability, reasonable control of the distribution of oil flow inside the body, and careful design of the layout of the external fragmentation make the product have the advantages of reasonable structure, low loss, and small partial discharge.

Tianwei Power has successively developed several large-scale phase-change transformers with complete independent intellectual property rights and performances that have reached the international advanced level for the United States, Canada and other countries.

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