Apple calls for free iPad, iPhone

Free to send iPad, iPhone, is the most popular business slogan nowadays, whether it is to buy a car, credit card, or buy online lottery, forward microblogging, can see the free gift of iPad, iPhone words. Therefore, some people claim that Apple products are "the most awesome prizes" and "the most popular prizes"...

In recent days, Apple has been completely angered, and has issued a "third-party promotion activities guidance regulations," one of which is that iPad, iPhone or iPhone gift cards may not be used for third-party promotions.

The reporter contacted a group purchase network in Hangzhou that once had a “0 yuan to send iPhone4” ad. A person surnamed Cai told the reporter that Apple’s regulations are actually meaningless. She thinks that such a policy can only be targeted. Is an agent and has no right to interfere with other businesses.

"Our apple products donated by us are pre-purchased by the company. The rights to use and ownership have already belonged to us. As for how we want to promote, it is not Apple's final say." The other said.

In this regard, Apple did not make any explanation.

IT industry lawyer Yu Guofu said in an interview with the media that Apple, as a civil entity, has no right to issue orders to others. If people have bought Apple products, then people have the right to dispose of them. From the property law and trademark law, Apple has no basis on the constraints.

For an endless stream of promotional ads, Apple is really upset.

According to foreign media reports, Apple has recently issued a "third-party promotion activity guidance regulations": iPad, iPhone or iPhone gift card may not be used for third-party promotions; iPod touch is only allowed for promotional purposes on specific occasions, and requires at least 250 purchases; Do not use Myriad Set fonts on websites, products, packaging, brochures, promotional or advertising materials, or materials related to them; prohibit the use of “free” in prominent ways (eg, title) on any Apple product description. "Words; must submit all marketing materials related to Apple's product promotions for review."

In fact, as early as January of this year, Apple had issued a document, indicating that it would not be effective to hold free gifts for iPads, iPhones, and other Apple products.

The re-issuance of this document was considered by the industry as an attempt by Apple to protect Apple's brand value. It also warned the third-party, who repeatedly linked to Apple's "free of charge," warnings that "always teach and change," "yellow cards."

But how will the "yellow card" be punished? Apple did not announce it.

Apple wants to ban such free promotion companies from saying that Apple has no right to intervene in Weibo to simply double-click on it, and see that there is such a business advertisement, such as a product of a merchant, which works well, if there is an opportunity to forward it. Get an iPad2 for free. Although many people think that this "winning rate" is too small to be small, but in any case is a second or two time to forward, maybe it can really be an iPad in the head.

As long as you carefully pay attention, you will find iPad, iPhone is nowadays "the most awesome prize." Recently, there was a text message on a cell phone sent by a bank. It said that when you swipe your credit card for 3,000 yuan in the month, you have to pay back 20 yuan for the telephone bill. Finally, there is a chance to get a free iPad.

Last year, 4S stores launched an event to purchase imported Fiat Boyue gifted Apple iPad handheld computers, in the hope of attracting customers to increase sales; in recent months, on the group buying site such as, there is often a 0 yuan draw. Earn an event worth 4888 yuan for Apple iPad2 Tablet PC to attract more new members to register to join; sellers on Taobao said that as long as you bind a mobile phone, you have a limited number of free access to iPhone4, touch, shuffle, hope Enhance online shop popularity...

There are also some supermarkets, home appliance stores, Apple products as promotional gifts everywhere. Regardless of the authenticity of these advertisements, it does attract a lot of Apple fans.

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