Analysis of the application of LED lamps in subway cable-stayed bridge lighting

Nanjing Xianlin Metro Cable-stayed Bridge is the first cable-stayed bridge of Nanjing Metro, and it is also a sub-project with the highest technical content. The main tower of the bridge is 53 meters high. The tower is a special-shaped variable-section structure with a span of 100+75 meters. There are 24 bored piles, including 16 piles of main towers, with a diameter of 2 meters and a depth of more than 70 meters. . The entire bridge is smooth, light and beautiful, and from a distance, it is like a big bird that wants to fly.

The goal of Nanjing Xianlin Metro Cable-stayed Bridge Landscape Lighting Project is to combine lighting technology with lighting art to highlight the characteristics of Xianlin Metro Cable-stayed Bridge; select reasonable lighting methods and equipment to save energy and energy, avoid glare and light pollution The lighting equipment is safe and reliable, easy to maintain; and coordinated with the surrounding environment.

LED lighting application analysis

In the lighting project of bridges, main tower lighting is generally the top priority of the entire lighting project. In order to make the main tower of Nanjing Xianlin Metro Cable-stayed Bridge bright and majestic, in the lighting design, six luminous points are arranged under the diagonal cables on both sides, and the main tower is cast from the bottom to the top. illuminate. The luminaire mainly uses the AM722XWT high-power LED floodlight newly developed by Yajiang Optoelectronics. It mainly has the following characteristics:

1. Low energy consumption and total power of 680W. Compared with the traditional 2950W HID large-area wall washer, it should save more than 70% energy;
2, high luminous efficiency AM722XWT maximum luminous flux of 18000lm, 2 meters of illumination is 58000lux (15 °);
3. Intelligentization can control the luminaire through the DMX encoder;
4, the light adjustable light can be adjusted freely according to needs. RGB100% dimming, linear/nonlinear dimming.
5, equipped with a wireless receiver, easy to control.

The cable of the cable-stayed bridge is like the strings of the harp. It is one of the main load-bearing members of the cable-stayed bridge and the focus of the lighting project. Therefore, a large number of YG-LED321W of Yajiang Optoelectronics are placed under the stay cable, and strive to pass the colorful changes of LED lighting, while illuminating the cable, and creating a unique and unique artistic charm of the Xianlin subway cable-stayed bridge.

Engineering features after applying LED lamps

1. High-efficiency and energy-saving In the lighting project of Nanjing Xianlin Metro Cable-stayed Bridge, all the lamps showing the main building parts of the bridge are selected with high-efficiency light source LED lamps. As we all know, LED lamps have significant energy saving, environmental protection, long life and maintenance-free features, while Yajiang Optoelectronics' AM722XWT and YG-LED321W not only have significant energy saving effects, but also have very stable performance. After calculating the analogy, the existing lighting method saves more than 60% of the electric energy energy than the traditional lighting method.

2, intelligent Because Yajiang Optoelectronics LED lamps have high intelligent chip devices, through pre-programming and high-tech intelligent control system, so that the cable-stayed bridge produces or cheerful, or brilliant, or invigorating, or quiet scenes The effect of change allows the bridge to create better interaction and blending with the heavens, the earth, the landscape, and the people, thus creating a colorful and colorful movement.

At the same time, the LED lighting system of the cable-stayed bridge adopts the TCP/IP protocol, which makes the control quality and reliability of the LED lighting system higher, and the signals optimized by the transmission make the connected devices in the whole LED lighting system more and connected. The distance is longer.

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