What is the trend of the next generation of MOCVD technology?

This year, Chinese LED companies have emerged in the upstream chip field, and have started plans to build factories and expand factories. It is reported that China's purchase of MOCVD orders has been scheduled for three years. Industry experts believe that with the large number of MOCVD in the future, the price of chips will decline, which is good news for the industry, but which company ultimately seizes business opportunities, talent is the most critical factor. What is the quality of MOCVD bought? Is the model advanced? What are the trends of the next generation of MOCVD technology? These are the issues that companies should think about, and they can also get a lot of inspiration from Mic hael Heuken's report.

Michael Heuken first predicted the future semiconductor lighting market. He believes that from 2009 to 2014, the semiconductor lighting market will maintain an annual growth rate of 31%, which will greatly promote the development of semiconductor lighting technology. Large-size substrates are a future trend as they meet the need for price reduction, increased throughput, high levels of automation, and maximum use of silicon substrates. Currently 2 inches and 4 inches are still the mainstream in the market, but some companies have begun to consider 6 inches, and even started to make 8-inch design. According to Michael Heuken, AixtrON's Crius 200mm/300mm MOCVD system is capable of epitaxy over large substrates and maintains good thickness and wavelength uniformity.

Michael Heuken believes that temperature management is very important, he said, “There are three very critical indicators for epitaxial technology, the first is temperature, the second is temperature, and the third is temperature.” Temperature management can help strengthen unity. It is also possible to make better control than larger diameter wafers.

Technologies that may be integrated with LED technology in the future include Si-based technology and GaN quantum wire technology.

In addition, Michael Heuken introduced Aixtron's newly developed G5 HT device, which meets the 56x2 inch / 14x4 inch / 8x6 inch / 5x8 inch extension requirements. G5 HT delivers high-quality GaN precipitation at very high rates at pressures above 600 mbar, which is a 33% increase over G4 HT.

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