Zhengzhou “Central LED Photoelectric Center”

Those who have the Central Plains have the world! Based on the Central Plains, they will seize the infinite business opportunities. The LED industry is developing in China, and the Chinese government has issued a "low-carbon energy-saving" policy to support it. Zhengzhou is the hub of economic transportation between the east, the west, the north and the south, and the intersection of East, West, and North cultures. Therefore, the integration of various favorable factors, Zhengzhou "Central LED Photoelectric Center" came into being.

According to reports, Zhengzhou "Central LED Photoelectric Center" is the world's first professional high-end optoelectronic center. Although the investment has just been carried out for a week, dozens of shops have been the first to stay. The person in charge of the photoelectric center revealed that every year, huge advertising costs will be invested to promote the expansion of the prestige!

Merchants seize the central LED photoelectric center pavement

“Central LED Photoelectric Center” is located in the core area of ​​Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, with a total construction area of ​​approximately 30,000 m2, which was established by Zhongli International Group. It is positioned in the most professional and high-end LED photoelectric real-time display and block trade in the country. It invites well-known and representative large-scale LED enterprises at home and abroad to enter the market. With high-end image, it is to open up the national market and even overseas markets. The main building consists of four floors above ground and one underground floor. Each floor has a building area of ​​about 5,000 m2 and a height of 5.4 m. The whole frame structure is freely divided. Double parking on the ground and underground, multiple elevators, central air conditioning, etc., exquisite support highlights the quality of the project.

The investment scope of “Central LED Photoelectric Center” mainly includes these aspects: LED technology: chips, epitaxial wafers and related substrates, packaged devices, technologies and finished products; LED applications: display, stage, advertising, film and television lighting , solar LED; professional lighting: urban lighting, factory lighting, architectural lighting, commercial lighting, engineering lighting, sports lighting, landscaping lighting, landscape lighting, industrial and mining lighting; and equipment and equipment: production R & D equipment, testing equipment, control systems... ...

A few days ago, the person in charge of Zhongli International Group revealed that “the promotion of the project in the early stage has been publicized, and many LED merchants have come to negotiate and settle in. Now even though it is just a week of investment, dozens of shops have been rushed to the advanced position.” It is also emphasized that in order to make the business of the central LED photoelectric center prosperous, the group will invest huge advertising fees every year, and the popularity and reputation of the external promotion center will bring the continuous flow of visitors and the popularity of the business.

Central LED Photoelectric Center will become a brand

According to the person in charge of Zhongli International Group, the establishment of the Central LED Photoelectric Center is to fully display the development of China's LED industry, promote the exchange and cooperation of the industry, and promote the LED industry to become bigger and stronger.

Aladdin Lighting Network reporter learned that the Central LED Photoelectric Center will gather the resources of optoelectronic product manufacturers in the entire industrial chain of LEDs at home and abroad, and set up R&D design, testing and certification, technical training, patent law, display and transaction as one-stop multi-function Service Platform. In the long run, the center will be transformed into an iconic brand in the LED industry, driving Henan LEDs to the world.

The interpretation of the positioning of the "Central LED Photoelectric Center" is: the world's first and most professional high-end, based in the Central Plains, radiating the country, driving the world. The Group will implement a “three-step” strategy for its market development: first, lay the foundation, take root in Henan, and take advantage of the province; second, it will go up the stairs, occupy the central part, and break through the key; third, seek breakthrough, industry brand, and layout nationwide. The ultimate goal is to become China's largest LED product procurement trading base, let famous brands go to the world.

The person in charge of Zhongli International Group expects that after the completion of the “Central LED Photoelectric Center” project, it will become a domestic LED commodity distribution center, forming a comprehensive, full-service complex of production, processing, real-life display, experience marketing and after-sales maintenance. It is estimated that the output value of circulation will reach 10 billion yuan, driving the regional GDP output value to reach tens of billions.


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