Opening of the largest LED trading market in China

The “Guangzhen LED Trading Center”, the largest LED trading market in China, opened in Guzhen yesterday. The planned area of ​​the market will reach 150,000 square meters, which not only fills the blank of the “LED City” without large LED professional market, but also improves the lighting of Guzhen Lighting. Industry chain.

According to Mr. Deng, the general manager of the center, the first phase of the center covers an area of ​​about 12 acres and a building area of ​​45,000 square meters. It integrates LED shops, commercial office buildings, apartments and large parking lots. The first phase has been fully opened and the second phase is under construction. A super-large professional market with an area of ​​over 150,000 square meters will be built. The center will be divided into LED lighting products and application display areas, supporting product display areas, and LED industrial business areas.

The reporter learned that the domestic LED industry has occupied a considerable proportion in the lighting industry after rapid development in recent years, but the LED industry has not yet had a large professional platform. In the past two years, the large-scale professional lighting market in Guzhen has been mushrooming, which has accelerated the transformation of the lighting lighting industry in Guzhen from the manufacturing base to the trading center. The large-scale LED professional market has been put into operation, which has improved an important link in this transformation and will be integrated. The downstream industrial chain highlights the industrial advantages of the ancient town trading center.

District Bingwen, chairman of Huayi Lighting, which is in the leading position in the domestic LED industry, believes that Guzhen has built a professional LED market in the core business district, and has the advantage of the largest lighting distribution center and production base in China. An important platform for industry exchanges and transactions.

The completion of the large-scale professional market of Guzhen LED will also promote the development of Zhongshan LED in the application and trading field. According to the data of the economic and trade department, there are currently more than 200 LED manufacturing enterprises in Zhongshan, and there are nearly 1,200 LED enterprises. There are more than 800 application enterprises in Guzhen, with an output value of 3.5 billion yuan. Relying on the brand of "China Lighting Capital", this year's 9th Light Expo will promote LED application exhibition, which will further promote the rapid development of Zhongshan LED industry.

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