AUO will exhibit a full range of latest technologies and the latest large, medium and small size LCD and LED displays at the Suzhou Electric Expo.

AUO will present a full range of latest technologies and a full range of new, medium and small size products at the 2010 eMEX (Electronic Manufacturer Exposition China), including the 65 吋 3D LCD TV screens on the market. A full range of ultra-thin, edge-lit LED TV panels from 32" to 55" with thinner and more energy-efficient features.

The 32-inch to 55-inch full range of ultra-thin side-lit LED TV screens on eMEX will not only be lighter in design, but also greatly reduce the power consumption of the display. It has the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving; large-sized panel products A public information display with 46吋1500 nits, high brightness and narrow border will also be on display.

In addition, the desktop display for IT display applications will also showcase two 24-inch Full HD LED ultra-thin displays, in addition to energy saving, high contrast, wide viewing angle and multi-touch. In the notebook computer display, the latest specifications of the industry's 12.5-inch LCD screen and 10.1" projected capacitive ultra-thin touch screen are on display.

In terms of small-size products, it plans to display 5吋~12.1吋 including navigation equipment, multi-function printers, vehicle display screens and industrial calculator display applications, 3.6吋 to 4.3吋 smart mobile phone screens and adopting Dayi Technology. (SiPix) Exclusive microcup (R) patented 6-inch and 9-inch built-in touch-enabled e-books.

APM Dc Source System is a single output programmable Smps Power Supply which provides with high power density and stable DC output. The Dc Switching Power Supply offers continuously variable output voltage and current for a broad range of applications.

Some features as below:

  • With accurate voltage and current measurement capability.
  • Coded Knob, multifunctional keyboard.
  • Standard RS232/RS485/USB/LAN communication interfaces, GPIB is optional.
  • Remote sensing line voltage drop compensation.
  • Equips with LIST waveform editing function.
  • Use the Standard Commands for Programmable Instrumentation(SCPI) communication protocol.
  • Have obtained CE certification.

200V Dc Source System

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