China's Green Lighting Products Sold Abroad

To get a test report from the National Luminaire Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Wang Hao was a bit surprised. The head of Zhejiang Desheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., despite having great confidence in the quality of the company's LED street lights, saw the system light efficiency. When he reached 102.8 lm/W, which was 17.8 lm/W higher than that of Philips, his excitement filled with words.

The LED lighting industry has an encouraging development prospect. Due to the energy-saving advantages of LED lighting products, under a series of policy escorts, its market demand is huge. With the overall promotion of a low-carbon economy, green lighting is highly valued by the Chinese government. In October 2009, the “Opinions on the Development of Semiconductor Lighting Energy-saving Industry” jointly issued by the six ministries and commissions including the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology proposed a clear goal: by 2015, the average annual growth rate of the semiconductor lighting energy-saving industry output value will be around 30%; About 20%; the ability of independent innovation of enterprises has been obviously enhanced, and the number and performance of large-scale enterprises in the LED lighting industry have increased significantly. In general, the development of China's LED lighting industry has reached a level of scale, the development of key technology products is relatively mature, and product quality and reliability have significantly improved.

However, with the rapid development of the domestic LED lighting industry, there are three major problems that cannot be ignored: First, LED lighting industry is overheated; Second, LED lighting products are of uneven quality; Third, LED lighting products have a certain degree of development and promotion. deviation.

Dou Linping, deputy secretary-general of the China Lighting Association, is not worried about the status quo of the domestic LED lighting industry. He believes that although the current domestic LED industry investment and production capacity expansion continue to accelerate, LED lighting production enterprises more than 3,000, but 70% of them concentrated in the downstream integrated applications, the lack of upstream core technology. Moreover, due to the generally small size of companies and the lack of standards, product quality is uneven. Compared with foreign companies, domestic LED lighting companies still have a large gap in many aspects. How to effectively improve the core competitiveness of domestic LED lighting companies to actively participate in the global competition is an urgent need to consider.

In recent years, government plans such as Japan's "21st Century Light Plan", the United States "Next Generation Lighting Plan", the EU "Rainbow Plan" and South Korea's "GaN Semiconductor Luminous Project" have started. Faced with the huge temptation of the LED lighting market, the world’s three major traditional lighting industry giants Philips, General Electric, and Osram also cooperated with semiconductor companies to establish semiconductor lighting companies and competed to develop LED lighting products.

LED street lamp is a symbolic product of LED lighting. The technological content of its products marks the advanced nature and core competitiveness of LED lighting products. The international leadingness of its products marks the right to speak in emerging industries and the market share in the future international and domestic markets. . Zhejiang Desheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is keeping an eye on the international lighting industry, and independently cooperates with CREE, Tsinghua University, and Shanghai Jiaotong University to develop LED street lamps. The product not only brings together the world-class energy efficiency features and unique shape features, but also has many technical indicators such as system efficacy, energy efficiency, consumption reduction level, safety factor, etc., all of which are at the forefront of the world. The street lighting has been popularized with low-efficiency, high-light-fade, large-volume, and high-weight cutting-edge technical problems, and won four national patents and technology innovation awards. These historic breakthroughs have pushed the promotion and application of high-tech and high-performance LED lighting products to a new milestone.

At present, Desheng Company and the Oriental Garden, a domestic listed company, implement a comprehensive strategic cooperation. Each year, Desheng LED lighting products are designed and installed for roads, gardens, subways, tunnels, etc. in 10 cities, and solar energy and LED lighting are designed for post-war reconstruction in Iraq. Such as energy-saving emission reduction plans and projects. Cooperate with California Electric Power Company to design and transform traditional lighting projects. It will enter Wal-Mart and other international four supermarket chains in the United States. Desheng Company has formulated corporate quality standards, explored the road to standardization of patented technologies, and applied for major national New Products.

Wang Hao calculated the calculator with a calculator. According to the current internationally published data and the inspection report of the National Luminaire Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the efficacy of the LED street light system is generally 65~75lm/W and the maximum is 80~90lm. / W. Desheng LED lighting has the strongest energy efficiency and the most energy-saving. It is 80% lighter than the HPS, and the lightest weight. Desheng 110W LED street light fixture has a net weight of 3.9 kg, which is the lightest light in Taiwan. 22% reduction, longest life, 5% light decline 50,000 hours, 5 years brightness is not reduced, due to the size and weight of the lamp body than the current international lightest, smallest LED street lamp of the same kind of reduction of about 1/5, also The aluminum consumption of the street lamp itself is greatly reduced.

At present, Desheng LED series of lighting products have been sold to the United States, Germany, France and other countries and regions, and in the United States, Germany, France and other countries and regions apply for technology patents and product quality insurance.

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