LED industry frequency "hit the wall" Shenzhen rise "broken"

At present, there are 1,150 LED companies of various types in Shenzhen, and this year's output value will exceed 40 billion yuan, and the industrial scale will continue to grow at an average annual rate of over 30%. In order to tap the huge business opportunities of the LED industry and protect their own interests, countries in Europe, America and Japan have set up technical barriers one after another. This has caused 90% of the export-oriented Shenzhen LED industry to be “injured.” It is reported that over 30% of LED export enterprises in Shenzhen are currently receiving foreign technology trade. The impact of the barriers, direct losses up to billions of dollars.

Shenzhen LED industry hits the wall frequently

On February 9 this year, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Innovage jointly announced the voluntary recall of Discovery Kids(TM) Animated Marine lamps and Safari lamps.

The luminaire was sold in the United States from July 2009 to January 2010 at a unit price of $10 per unit. The number of recalled products was approximately 360,000 baht. The reason for the recall is that the printed circuit board of the lamp is easily short-circuited, posing a risk of fire and burns to the user. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that consumers stop using the recalled lamps immediately and contact Innovage for a return and full refund.

According to the results monitored by the Institute of Technical Trade Measures of the Shenzhen Institute of Standards and Technology, since the beginning of this year, China's LED products have only encountered nine similar incidents in the European and American markets. Yesterday, Li Meng, deputy director of the Shenzhen Institute of Standard Technology Research Institute of Technical Trade Measures, said in an interview with the Shenzhen Business Daily that due to LED's core patent technology has been monopolized by European, American, and Japanese manufacturers, many Chinese companies encountered overseas. Patent litigation, and the majority of settlements with compensation settled.

According to information from the Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, in the first half of this year, of the export lamps that Shenzhen was notified of by the European Union, LED lamps accounted for nearly 40%, and technical barriers to trade have become a major obstacle to the development of this industry. Shenzhen is now the world's major LED lamp production base, backlight production base, display production base. However, due to the core technology being monopolized by European, American, and Japanese manufacturers, the potential foreign technical barriers to trade in the LED industry have caused poor product export channels.

In the first half of this year, the Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau organized the “Shenzhen Enterprises’ Impact on Foreign Technical Barriers to Trade” survey. The results showed that more than 30% of export enterprises were affected by foreign technical trade barriers and direct losses amounted to several billion US dollars. Losses far exceed other market access barriers such as anti-dumping, countervailing subsidies, and tariffs.

Europe and the United States set up "walls" for LED frequency

Relevant data show that in the relevant patent countries for LED applications, the total patents in Europe, America and Japan account for 85% to 90% of the world's total, while the share of Chinese patents is less than 10%. Zhang Xiaofei, secretary-general of China LED Industry Summit Forum, said that the 10% of patents are also concentrated in the middle and lower reaches of the packaging and application areas. There are very few patents related to core chips and outreach, and “patents are often used to apply for projects. There is not much production and practicality."

According to the monitoring report of the Shenzhen Institute of Standard Technology Research Institute's Institute of Technical Trade Measures, which was exclusively provided to Shenzhen Business Daily reporters, in order to standardize the emerging market of semiconductor lighting, the International Organization for Standardization and European, American, and Japanese countries have established relevant standards or technical regulations. Constructed more complicated market access technical barriers. These include safety barriers, energy efficiency barriers, performance requirements, EMC requirements, measurement method requirements, and green environmental protection requirements.

In addition, semiconductor lighting products also need to comply with traditional lighting standards, and carry out the corresponding testing and certification, but also need to meet the statutory conformity assessment procedures for export destination countries. On the other hand, new technical barriers are continuously introduced and it is more difficult for enterprises to respond. As an emerging product, the technical trade measure system for semiconductor lighting products has not been fully established and is still in development. The introduction of new standards and technical regulations has led to an increase in the uncertainty of semiconductor lighting market access, and the difficulty of responding to enterprises has increased.

Shenzhen rises "broken"

In the face of the siege of technical barriers in Europe, the United States, Japan, and other countries, Shenzhen actively seeks a law of “broken walls.” The reporter learned that Shenzhen has promoted the development of the LED industry through the establishment of industrial alliances and international procurement and trading centers. Last year, the "Shenzhen LED Industry Standards Alliance" consisting of 42 LED production, research and research institutions in Shenzhen was unveiled. The alliance is committed to the research, application and service of LED related standards.

Then, Shenzhen LED International Sourcing and Trading Center was established in Shenzhen Huaqiang North Huaqiang Electronic World. The center integrates LED related product display, international procurement transactions, LED application design, and creative design display and communication functions. It is the core competitiveness of Shenzhen LED industry. It is also a platform for the sharing and exchange of resources among the government, enterprises and industries.

Shenzhen Shiye Industry Association executive vice president and secretary-general Ren Shirong said that Shenzhen's eight platforms to help enterprises break through technical barriers and boost enterprises to dig out LED "gold mines" have been in full swing. Including: Shenzhen LED indoor lighting display and transaction procurement center, Shenzhen LED Lighting Design and Research Institute, LED Industry Engineering Technology Research Institute, Shenzhen LED Patent Alliance, Shenzhen LED Industry Park, Shenzhen LED information platform, financial service platform , domestic and foreign market platforms.

On August 30, the first domestic LED patent technology industry alliance was announced in Shenzhen. The alliance will give full play to the role of the government, industry, management departments, and industry organizations in order to gain more technical discourse power to promote the development of the LED industry. The alliance will adopt a "patent pool" approach to integrate various patents, cross-licensing, and mutual licenses to jointly promote LED technology research and development and patent applications, avoiding the adverse effects of patent barriers on the industry.

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