Sichuan Mianyang lighting facilities are fully "replaced"

Recently, Sichuan Mianyang City Lighting Management Office has organized staff to carry out comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of lighting facilities such as street lights and landscape lights in urban streets and main roads.

In order to further improve the overall level of urban lighting and beautify the city's appearance, from April this year, the Mianyang City Urban Lighting Management Office will cooperate with relevant units to carry out inspection and debugging of LED landscape lights and buried lights on both sides of the city's Binhe Square. Cleaning and inspection of public lamps in urban cultural leisure squares, commercial pedestrian streets, city scenic fountains, etc. Increase the daily maintenance management of urban lighting facilities, adhere to the weekly lighting rate inspection and assessment, to ensure that the main road lighting rate reached 99%, and other road lighting rate reached 98%. Lightning protection inspection and maintenance of transformers in important areas to ensure that the facilities are in good condition under thunderstorm conditions.

It is understood that up to now, the Mianyang City Lighting Management Office has carried out brush (spray) paint on the 3640 column street lamp poles of the main roads in the city; the 3530 column urban road street lights, garden lamp poles, lamps and lampshades have been thoroughly scrubbed. Cleaning; 39 distribution boxes for Tie Niu Plaza and the southwest area of ​​the city were cleaned, rusted and painted, marked with hanging paint, and replaced with rust and damage.

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