There are five tips for cleaning the refrigerator.

Many consumers choose to clean the refrigerator during the spring, which is a good time. The editor consulted the experts, and the experts recommended five tips for cleaning the refrigerator, hoping to help you. First, the internal cleaning uses a mild cleaning agent to clean the inside wall of the refrigerator and various accessories, and then use a soft

Cross Arm is an important part of the tower, it is used to install insulators and fittings to support the wire and lightning lines, thus to keep safe distance between them.

According to the use, it can be divided into: straight cross arm; corner cross arm;tension cross arm

According to the material, it can be divided into: iron cross arm; porcelain cross arm; synthetic insulation cross arm.

Cross arm is generally installed at 300mm from the top of the pole, and the straight cross arm should be installed on the receiving side, while the cross arm on the corner pole, the terminal pole and the branch pole should be installed on the guy wire side.

Cross Arm

Cross Arm,Cross Arm For Transmission Line,Galvanized Steel Cross Arm,Angle Iron Cross Arm

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