Analysis of Application Points of Overcurrent Protection Devices for LED Lighting

LEDs have the characteristics of low power consumption, long life, and environmental protection. After infiltrating large-sized panel backlights from small-sized backlight applications, they are now expanding into general-purpose lighting applications, currently in landscape, architecture, commercial, automotive, The field of mobile lighting and other fields is developing rapidly.

In the face of many application fields of LED lighting, because the market does not form a unified specification, there are a variety of driving solutions, but it is inseparable from the perspective of overcurrent protection, generally based on the input current of the lamp body. It can be divided into two basic types: DC input and grid AC input. The main difference between the two types is whether the drive power has AC to DC modules. Of course, there are many low-cost solutions such as resistors and RCs in the market. There are no EMI rectification and constant current drive modules. However, since the selection requirements of the primary side fuses are the same as those in Figure 2, they fall into the second type.

There are three main purposes for LED lighting overcurrent protection:

First, the purpose of protecting personal and property safety is generally to increase the protection device for this purpose in applications where the power input voltage is relatively high.

Second, the subsystem is separated from the external system. If the external system is unstable, it will affect the security of the subsystem. On the other hand, the device damage occurs inside the subsystem, such as the short-circuit failure mode of the parallel device, or the internal original due to external factors. The safety insulation level is destroyed, causing the internal circuit to short-circuit to the ground. If there is no fuse action to block the external system and no effective measures are taken in time, the external system's insurance system will be activated, which will cause the entire Power Supply system to be interrupted. This can indirectly cause accidental losses in important places such as hospitals, and may even cause casualties, so sometimes it is necessary to add 2 fuses to the power input.

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