Barco opens a TV wall production line for improved LED engines

Barco of Belgium announced that it will open a video wall production line based on digital light processing, which uses LED engines to provide illumination . According to the company based in Cottre, Belgium, the new OVL is 20% brighter than any other competing product, and its life cycle is not shortened, making it the most efficient LED TV wall. . The OVL TV wall has a 4:3 aspect ratio and a screen size of 80 inches.

Barco's new OVL TV wall is 20% brighter than its competitors and 30% more energy efficient than other LED systems

Like Barco's 16:9 LED video wall, the new OVL series also features an advanced thermal management system based on liquid cooling technology that minimizes LED temperature, maximizing the temperature. The life of the projection system. According to the company, the system's life cycle can reach 80,000 hours of continuous operation, which is 35% higher than similar products.

Liquid cooling technology makes it possible for OVL to increase brightness levels by 20% without reducing system life, making OVL the brightest product on the market. Conversely, the life of the system can be extended by reducing the brightness. In this way, Barco proved that liquid cooling technology is very effective in solving the problem of LED aging.

According to reports, compared with other LED systems, Barco's OVL video wall can save 30% energy consumption. This energy saving is achieved by intelligently controlling the OVL color and brightness, rather than optical blur.

With the new OVL LED engine, the provision and use of large screens with high brightness and high efficiency is possible. Barco's OVL series includes an 80-inch seamless screen TV wall system, which is very attractive for public applications. Another advantage of OVL compared to other small screens is the high balance time between failures.

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