Can a Blu-ray Disc player get out of difficulty?

"A year ago, the lowest price was over 2,000 yuan, and after one year's market price was only 799 yuan, and with the popularity of the product, the future price fell below 500 yuan, is not impossible. However, the 2011 Blu-ray disc The development of the Chinese market in the machine must be driven away from the price and function, and it should be driven by content services. Providing more source content is the winning method that truly meets the needs of consumers. Recently, a domestic Blu-ray Disc player Market sources pointed out that after more than a year of price content is popular, Blu-ray disc players must build new growth drivers, otherwise they can only face the embarrassment of marginalization.

However, "China Enterprise" reporter learned that in the interview, in addition to Blu-ray disc content of the film source, consumer inconvenience and other issues, a small market, there are even two sets of different product standards, but also let Consumers have no choice but to directly lead to the difficulty of popularizing Blu-ray players in recent years.

Many consumers of small products and multiple standards complained to reporters. “In the era of networking, the CD-ROM drive originally belonged to a narrowly-popular product. There are still two sets of product technology standards in the Chinese market. BD and CBHD have their own The disc player and the content format are incompatible with each other and there is a danger of mutual replacement. Once a certain standard is eliminated by the market, who will pay for the consumers' previous payment?"

The reporter noted that in the last two years, the BD players represented by Sony, Panasonic, LG and Hualu, and the CBHD players represented by Xinke, TCL and Tsinghua Tongfang have focused on product prices and upstream sources in the market. The enduring tug-of-war has been unfolded in many areas such as feature enrichment.

An industry analyst pointed out that the BD camp has a global consumer electronics giant, and it has long been the cooperation of overseas entertainment giants, the future development prospects and commercial space is huge. However, CBHD, as China's independent intellectual property rights standard, is also an important means to resist foreign companies to seize the market with standards, and should be supported by the Chinese government and enterprises.

Peng Yi, director of research and marketing at Zhongkang Market, believes that “both BD and CBHD have their own interests and positions. However, from the perspective of market and consumers, the strength of the industry and the integrity of the industry chain Who will become the ultimate winner of the market, but this market battle with standards as the main factor affects the overall development of the Blu-ray Disc player industry."

Challenges of Networking and 3D At present, single disk drive sales have been difficult to support the company's strong industrial chain and market layout. For the future development direction and prospects of the Blu-ray Disc player industry, Zuo Weiming, manager of the BD team’s China Recorder Market Division According to the "China Enterprise News" reporter, as the trend of industrialization becomes more and more obvious, the integration of storage functions such as networking or integration of Blu-ray, high-definition playback, or third-party interfaces will be a breakthrough in the popularity of Blu-ray Disc players.

Since the beginning of last year, the arrival of the global 3D wave has also injected new impetus into the development of the Blu-ray Disc player. As an important part of the audio and video industry chain, the disc player will play the role of an audio and video playback device together with the television in the 3D industry chain. Last year, BD camp and CBHD camp respectively released 3D standard Blu-ray disc players. However, in the view of industry observers, under the wave of 3D, Sony and Panasonic’s BD camp companies have more advantages. These two foreign-funded enterprises have established a full industrial chain from the upstream content to the player, which will enable the BD camp to grab it. The first opportunity.

It is reported that, in addition to relying on traditional channels for selling discs, Hualu and other domestic companies are still actively using the advantage of disc players to network and sell Blu-ray disc players and Blu-ray high-definition content. Hualu also launched the “Network Download HD Content Station”. , providing low price content services.

Peng Yu pointed out that whether CBHD or BD is not a simple price war, it can solve the problem of market popularization. The price is only one aspect, and the main problem is still to solve consumer use.

In this regard, a domestic manufacturer of disc drive manufacturers pointed out that from the consumer's point of view, the problem of expensive and inconvenient buying of discs does exist, but if the future consumers achieve diversity in the way they obtain content, there is a network platform, Discs, as well as hard disk copies, etc., will inspire a new round of purchasing power. In addition, the increase in 3D blockbusters, coupled with Blu-ray high-definition display, will indirectly stimulate demand in the market.

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