DLC releases new version, DLC certification is standard in North America

    As we all know, in the US and Canadian Lighting market, DLC has gradually become an indispensable certification standard for LED lamps, and it can provide end users with generous government subsidies. On November 20, 2015, DLC released version V3.1, adding new products such as wall mounted lights and common corn lights. For companies that want to apply for DLC certification, it is necessary to understand the relevant knowledge of DLC certification applications.


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DLC V3.1 technical specification certification application Q & A

1. Where can I find the DLC QPL?

A searchable QPL (Qualified Product List) can be found at The QPL is designed to make it easier for DLC members to use commercial lighting solutions. The QPL will regularly update new qualifying products.

2. What information does the DLC QPL disclose?

DLC discloses information on manufacturer and model identification, as well as test data or inspection information for each product. These data include:


3. What categories does DLC cover?

The categories covered by DLC are led lighting fixtures, retrofit kits, and linear tubes, HID replacement lamps for the E39 lamp head. The categories of available categories can be checked by calculating the demand list, and products that do not meet these categories are not evaluated. Please note that the submitted product must be one of the approved product categories.

4. What is the product application fee? What is the payment method?

The cost of a single product is $500, and the cost covers the calculation assessment and administrative costs. Individual product applications do not cover additional series of products, and variations of these series of products are limited to CCT, dimming changes, or changes that do not affect product performance (installation, housing color, etc.). If it is a Family Group application, the DLC auditor will submit a more specific product submission to determine the application fee. Each LM-79 and ISTMT report that needs to be reviewed is $500, and the additional family members are $25 each.

Credit card payment is the preferred method. In addition, we accept payment by cheque. If you submit a check, please pay for the payment. Please note that DLC will only process your application after the application has been submitted and payment has been received.

5. What is the process after completing the application and payment? What does the review process look like?

The DLC team will first notify you that your application has been received. The DLC auditor will review your application. Upon completion of the preliminary review, the DLC team will contact you and inform you of the cost of the application, or whether additional application materials will be required to complete your assessment.

If additional application materials are required, you must inform the DLC team when this information can be provided. We will continue to review your products when we receive the extra materials we need.

If the product information provided meets the technical requirements, the DLC team will let you know that your product has passed the inspection and will be released on the QPL. If the data provided does not meet the technical requirements, the product will not pass the inspection. The DLC team will explain to you in detail what information is not up to standard. If there are any changes to the test standard in the future, you will need to re-apply and re-pay the application fee.

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