Whether advanced technology equipment manufacturing can light up "Huizhou Zhizhuang"

    More and more companies are using automated production equipment to increase production capacity while saving labor costs. Entering the LED production workshop of Huizhou Huayang Group, it is the busy scene of the self-operating machine on the fully automated production line. Each lighting product automatically completes the processes of feeding, trimming, and installing the lamp holder on the assembly line.

This is due to the fully automated production line that Huayang has independently built to integrate many industry-leading technologies. "LED + intelligent manufacturing", the production efficiency has increased by about 600%, the direct labor has been reduced by 75%, and the product technology has been significantly improved.

Not only the development of smart equipment for personal use, Huayang Group also sells equipment to other companies. From the past, it bought other people's equipment to manufacture products and then sold them, and now they sell both products and equipment.

In Huizhou, more and more enterprises are carrying out intelligent transformation like Huayang, establishing an automation company, opening up the “gorgeous turn” from applying intelligent equipment to producing intelligent equipment, and rushing to the high-end link of the equipment manufacturing industry.

Looking at the whole province, under the influence of “Industry 4.0” and “Made in China 2025”, the equipment manufacturing industry is surging, especially the advanced equipment manufacturing industry belt has emerged on the west bank of the Pearl River. Located in Huizhou on the east bank of the Pearl River, the advanced manufacturing industry has a good foundation, and the equipment manufacturing industry is expected to promote “Huizhou manufacturing” to “Huizhou Zhizao”.

Since last year, Huizhou has clearly proposed to vigorously develop advanced equipment manufacturing industry, focusing on the intelligent transformation of textile and garment, electronic information, auto parts manufacturing, home appliance furniture, etc., focusing on industrial robots, intelligent special equipment, CNC system processing equipment, system integration applications. Training in the field of services and other areas to build a smart equipment manufacturing industry.

On January 14th, at the group meeting of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 11th Guangdong Provincial Committee, Huizhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Weiwei said that Huizhou should make up the shortcomings of insufficient economic aggregate and insufficient structure, and strengthen and expand petrochemical and electronic information. On the basis of the two pillar industries, the equipment manufacturing and clean energy industries will be cultivated into the third and fourth pillar industries in Huizhou as soon as possible.

The industry believes that with the acceleration of industrial transformation and the favorable national policies, the advanced equipment manufacturing industry represented by intelligent equipment will usher in spring. In particular, faced with the huge demand for automation equipment in local electronics and petrochemical industries, Huizhou's equipment manufacturing industry has huge growth potential and has the potential to develop into a pillar industry in the future.

However, in order to form an industrial cluster with an output value of over 100 billion yuan, short-term, small-scale, less heavy-duty, and low-capacity industries need to be filled.


Comparative advantages in the field of automotive parts

In the tall factory, one automation equipment is neatly arranged, and each equipment is printed with the “ASM” logo. Entering the advanced technology (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. in Xiaojinkou Jiulong Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Huicheng District, the scene in the assembly workshop is spectacular.

The company, which mainly develops and produces electronic automation equipment and molds, is built by ASM Group, the world's largest semiconductor equipment manufacturer, with an investment of 120 million US dollars. The project has settled in Huizhou for a few years, and the orders for automation equipment have been continuously increasing. The output value has soared year after year. In 2012, it was 200 million yuan, 620 million yuan in 2013, and 850 million yuan in 2014. It is expected to exceed 1 billion yuan in 2015.

The establishment of Advanced Technology (ASM) not only facilitates the purchase of suitable automation equipment for Huizhou electronic information enterprises, but also fills the gap in Huizhou's semiconductor packaging equipment manufacturing industry.

With the advancement of industrial technology, the demand for automation equipment of enterprises is increasing. Many equipment manufacturers are targeting the “big cake” of Huizhou market, and the equipment manufacturing base is located here.

In recent years, in the advanced equipment manufacturing industry, Huizhou has introduced a large number of projects such as Hyosung, Moso Power, Liyuanheng, Xinwangda, Advanced Technology, and Wintech.

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