2012 Ruigao LED theme seminar successfully held in Beijing

On September 27, 2012, Tridonic successfully held an LED theme seminar at the Jianguo Hotel in Beijing. About 80 guests from 40 lighting engineering companies in North China were invited to attend the seminar.

The seminar was based on LED. Mr. Uli Mathis, Global Technical Director of Tridonic, made a special trip to Europe to participate in the event. Mr. Uli Mathis is a member of Zhaga and a member of the IEC TC34. On the same day, he introduced the latest international LED standards and ZHAGA standards to the participants. This sharing enabled the participants in Beijing, China to get the first information on international LEDs. This also adheres to the concept of Ruigao focusing on the Chinese market and serving Chinese customers.

In addition, sharply launched a new LED lighting solution during the Guangya Exhibition in June this year, including a full range of modules, drives, light engines and control systems. Based on this platform, Mr. Zhenzheng Guo, Director of Ricoh China Market, introduced the advantages and applications of this series of products to the participants, so that everyone in the room can fully understand the innovative products of Tridonic.

Ms. Wang Ning, a senior engineer of Ruigao, gave a speech on the application of intelligent control system in the field of LED lighting. Through the on-site demonstration and interaction of DEMO, the participants had a better understanding of the future development trend of LED, and the high quality products and professional technology of Tridonic. In-depth understanding. Its new LED products: Talexx engine STARK SLE G2 The latest generation of downlight spotlight engines, as well as TEC series drives attracted the attention of many participants, and active discussions were held on the spot, and the focus of their respective concerns was discussed.

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