Nantong Tongfang ordered VEECO MOCVD for silicon-based GaN LED research

Veeco has announced that Nantong Tongfang Semiconductor Co., Ltd. has received Veeco's TurboDisc® K465iTM MOCVD equipment for the study of silicon-based GaN HB LEDs. The equipment has been delivered to Tongfang's new LED technology R&D center in Nantong, China.

Dr. Liu Gang, General Manager of Tongtong Semiconductor, said: "We are currently using Veeco's MOCVD equipment to produce GaN-based GaN LEDs, and LED will be an important focus of our research investment in the next few years."

Jeff Hawthorne, senior vice president of Veeco, said: "Many LED customers are developing silicon-based GaN technology that reduces LED manufacturing costs without sacrificing final product performance, providing the potential to accelerate the adoption of solid-state lighting."

According to Veeco, the K465i features high film quality, low defect rates, and integrated Veeco's Uniform FlowFlang® technology for excellent uniformity and repeatability. Equipment with TurboDisc technology has low maintenance requirements, providing the longest continuous production time, superior performance with very low particle count, and high throughput. Veeco also claims that the K465i offers a fast, easy-to-debug process that supports up to 8 inches of wafers. The machine recovered quickly after daily maintenance.

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