Guangdong Province 2012 edition lighting product evaluation benchmark system released

Guangdong LED lighting product evaluation benchmark system (2012 edition) was recently released in Guangzhou. To this end, the relevant parties held a training meeting on the promotion of the evaluation system.

The Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province fully affirmed the achievements of the LED benchmarking system in Guangdong Province since its research and implementation in 2010, and believed that the revision of the LED benchmarking system will solve some problems in the previous implementation to a large extent, and expect the LED benchmarking system to continue to develop and Perfect, and hope that all enterprises ensure the consistency of products submitted for inspection, and strive to improve product quality.

In order to promote the evaluation of the LED benchmark system, this meeting has detailed interpretations of the policies, standards, testing indicators and methods, auditing and product consistency verification of the new benchmark system management specifications, and relevant personnel have deeply analyzed the LED lighting product design. Factors, reliability design methods, etc., to help companies efficiently send inspections and improve product quality.

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