Cree and Guangzhou Yajiang Optoelectronics work closely together to improve LED stage lighting standards

As the global market leader in LED field, Career has been adhering to the core development strategy of “Keuixin, China” in China. Career brings international LED advanced technology to China, cultivates local talents and establishes an international team. Promote the development of China's LED industry. Career actively responded to the call of the Guangdong Provincial People's Government, took the lead in building important LED chip projects in China, further integrated Cree's LED industry chain, greatly enhanced LED production capacity, and responded to the global LED market development needs. At the same time, Cree and Guangdong enterprises work closely together to promote the development of the LED industry. The close cooperation between Cree and Guangzhou Yajiang Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd. in the field of LED stage lighting is an important example.
Since the lighting of the performing arts venues is a major consumer of electricity, the demand for energy saving for lighting is particularly urgent, and at the same time, strict requirements are imposed on the brightness, color rendering index, color temperature, color and the like of the light source. Cree illuminating color LEDs, such as the widely used XLamp® XP-E color LEDs and XLamp® MC-E color LEDs, with their high light efficiency, high brightness, high color rendering index, controllable color temperature, color change, etc. The advantage is to provide a higher level of performance for LED stage lighting.
The annual CCTV Spring Festival Evening is an important part of the national people's Spring Festival celebrations. The content and characteristics of the Spring Festival Evening each year are the focus of discussion among the people. Since 2009, Yajiang Optoelectronics LED lighting has entered the CCTV Spring Festival Evening stage, using high-quality Cree lighting-grade color LEDs to design a more gorgeous atmosphere, full of artistic lighting stage effects, glamorous in CCTV Spring Festival Evening, praised by all parties, let People have seen the latest achievements in the cutting-edge products of lighting technology.
"China Talent Show" is a reality TV show produced by China Oriental TV. The program aims to realize the dream of ordinary people with stunts. The Yajiang LED lamps with Cree LEDs are colorful and colorful, and they are all over the stage of the talent show, which will render the scene beautiful and passionate. Here, the contestants sway their dreams to the audience, bring wonderful performances to the audience, and let everyone witness the miracle of life. At the same time, the beautiful stage created by LED lighting has also witnessed a perfect feast of lighting and music.
In November 2010, the opening ceremony of the Guangzhou Asian Games was successfully held in Haixinsha Island, Guangzhou. There are 17 key beauty projects on Haixinsha Island, including 6300 square meters of water stage, four eight-faced sails, more than 10,000 musical fountains, stage deep water area, auditorium seats, and large props boats. The 216-meter-long, 128-meter-high, 38-meter-high, 38-meter-high mega-shaped fountain is a beautifully shaped fountain that attracts the attention of the audience under the colorful lights. These high-tech facilities include LED stage lighting provided by Guangzhou Yajiang Optoelectronics, using high-performance Cree-grade color LEDs, featuring significant energy-saving, intelligent, and non-linear dimming to achieve consistent color conversion. The changing speed between different colors is fast and natural, adding a lot to the opening ceremony.
In October 2011, the closing ceremony of the Xi'an World Horticultural Exposition was held in Xi'an Shiyuanhui Park. The closing ceremony adheres to the concept of green ecology, and uses the combination of technology and art to interpret the theme of “Honor to Nature” and presents a grand performance of integration of nature and nature. Guangzhou Yajiang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. cooperates with Cree to adopt advanced LED optical application technology and scientific and exquisite product design, so that it can be applied to any natural environment. The luminous flux output exceeds 4000 lumens, and the maximum effective illumination can reach 75 meters. It is especially suitable for use. Large variety shows and stage lighting. At the same time, during the closing ceremony, the weather in Xi'an has been raining and raining, which puts a strict test on the on-site lamps. Yajiang LED lamps adopting Cree LEDs have been characterized by high brightness, high stability and high intelligence from installation to official closing, reflecting the excellent waterproof performance and good quality of the products. Secondly, RGBW (red, green, blue and white) LED lighting products can not only easily realize the three bright colors of red, green and blue, but the white light of RGBW is more pure than the white light of ordinary RGB. Demonstrating the stage design concept of the closing ceremony of Xi'an World Expo, “Water and Sky”.
On May 28th, 2012, the Guangdong Provincial Conference on Promoting the Application of LED Lighting Products was held in Guangzhou. Guangdong Province proposed the important goal of popularizing LED public lighting for three years, which made the development of LED industry in Guangdong Province enter a new chapter. As an important member of the LED industry in Guangdong Province, Career and Guangzhou Yajiang Optoelectronics have been actively involved in promoting the popularization of LED public lighting in Guangdong Province. The two sides plan to continue to deepen, provide higher quality LED lighting products for the industry, seize the opportunity of popularizing LED public lighting in Guangdong Province for three years, and build green lighting demonstration cities together with industry colleagues to jointly promote the development of LED industry.

Silicon Rubber Insulated Power Cable

1. Introduction and Application

This product is suitable for as connection cable of fixed laying down power transmission line or movable electric equipment with 0.6/1kv of AC rated voltage or below.Like Rubber Cable,frame retardant cable,Mica Tape Insulated Cable. It features heat radiation resistant, cold resistant, acid and alkali resistant, corrosive gases resistant, waterproof and so on, flexible cable structure , constant electric performance at the environment of high temperature(high and cold),outstanding anti-ageing performance, long life.. It is wide used for many industries such as metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, electronic and automobile manufacturing, etc.

2. Product standard: Enterprise standard

The test of fire retardant and fireproof characteristic should be carried out in accordance with GB/T18380.3-2001, GB/T19216.21-2003.

3. Operating characteristics

a. The rated voltage: U0/U 0.6/1kv

Max. operating temperature: 180℃

Min. ambient temperature:-60℃

b. Laying temperature of cable not less than -25℃

c. Permissible bending radius of cable: Min. 10 times of diameter

4. Type and Designation



YGC: Silicon rubber insulated and sheathed power cable

YGCR: Silicon rubber insulated and sheathed movable flexible power cable

YGCP: Silicon rubber insulated and sheathed copper wire screened power cable

YGC22: Silicon rubber insulated and sheathed steel tape armored power cable

YGG: Silicon rubber insulated and sheathed installation line

YGGR: Silicon rubber insulated and sheathed movable installation line

YGGP: Silicon rubber insulated and sheathed copper wire braided screened installation line

Remarks: if in front of type of fire retardant silicon rubber cable adds ZR, if in front of type of flame retardant silicon rubber cable adds ZR, copper wire in conductor line core may be tin electroplating.

5. Main performance

â‘  DC resistance of finished cable conformity with GB/T3956.

② Insulation resistance is not less than 100MΩ·km at 20℃..

â‘¢ Cable withstands the test of AC 50Hz 3.5kV for 5 min, without breakdown.

Rubber Insulated Cable

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