Glowing Tree Rings: Colorful Rings Pole LED Decorative Lights

Colorful lighting ideas, the rough stumps are designed into beautiful and charming decorative lights. This is the creation of designer Judson Beaumont, named after the tree rings, the glowing tree rings, the blend of natural features and ingenious modern technology, which makes the wood decorative lights add charm to the night and modern interior design. It offers a versatile furniture and decorative fixtures that are original and dramatic.

Colorful annual ring stakes LED decorative lights

The design of this annual wooden peg is very simple. It uses pine wood as the lamp housing and is equipped with transparent colored plexiglass. It has a unique annual ring pattern, built-in rechargeable battery and LED light source, which can be uniquely realized. Light decoration effect, as a light coffee table and stool in the home, bar design, living room, bedroom, room entrance, and courtyard decoration.

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