Light Expo sudden drop in development has encountered bottlenecks

The opening of the Guzhen Lamp Fair is less popular than Aladdin's "light" point: the lighthouse reforms are on the verge

Last year, the ancient town of Light Fair has been significantly fatigued, ten years of development encountered a bottleneck. This year, industry professionals still hope for the development of the new decade. However, this time the Light Fair did not improve the form and positioning. The exhibition popularity and exhibits did not make a breakthrough. On the contrary, the popularity declined on the first day. Some viewers stated that LED companies occupying half of the exhibition did not see the manifestation of cutting-edge technology. .

The number of LED booths was once again increased at the Light Fair, but the improvement of the Light Fair was not only an increase in the LED display industry, but it was also a matter of re-introducing industrial planning as a whole, enhancing the quality of the exhibits, and attracting foreign companies to participate in the show to attract high-end products. Exhibitors really have a guiding role in the industry.

The absence of many brands this year and the reduction of audience attention have made the Fair a bit embarrassing. Basically, only local enterprises in Zhongshan serve as a kind of obligation and responsibility in the "support field." For light fairs dominated by local companies, it can be said that it is difficult to see the industry's vane, but they can see the status quo of the lights. The plummeting popularity, product homogeneity and price wars, and the tiredness of participating companies not only reflect the bottleneck that was never seen before in 11 years, but also knocked on the future development of the ancient town. Alarm bell. As a result, the reform of the Light Fair is in full swing. Otherwise, it will be in a long-term status like "chicken".

Traditional Home Furnishing Lighting Transformation Risks and Perplexities Aladdin “Light” Point: Turning Forward Needs Soft and Hard Strength and Opportunity

The transformation of traditional home lighting products into LED home lighting as a whole is a turning point for many companies that have fallen behind, just as Prince Edward has become a great magnate, and he has become an official. Someone was overruled and some were disappointed at someone's frustration. But how did the latecomers seize the latrine in front of them and how did the latecomers speed up to go ahead and make others walk out of their way, leaving others with nowhere else to go to the toilet? This is a technical issue, and its efforts and opportunities account for each other. 50%. "Efforts" Everyone understands, what exactly is the "opportunity"? People like to dismantle the word "crisis" in order to prove that everything is viewed in two ways - there is a middle point view of "crisis" and "accident."

The author believes this view is old but not outdated or distorted. We can use F1 as an example to illustrate that the transition period is in fact the equivalent of passing a turning corner of a racing car. Those who are knowledgeable know that the drivers are all ahead of the curve. After practicing good turn tactics, the car's buttocks drifted beautifully, grasping the brakes of the car to cross over each other, that is, the driver who followed was able to get rid of the opponent's anti-winning weapon. This is the so-called "machine"; but at the same time, due to the extremely high speed on the F1 arena, the turnaround is often the area of ​​accidental high-risk, drifting accidentally drifted to heaven. This is the so-called "crisis."

In this kind of crisis and machine complement each other, some of the traditional overall home lighting brand for the transformation of the LED home lighting, or how long to transition to LED home lighting still skeptical, it is well understood. R & D technology, talent team, large-scale production capacity, management system upgrades, home lighting innovation channels, after-sales service system and other aspects match the development of LED home lighting needs? The rush to attack the LED field is equivalent to the blind corner acceleration to advance. Only the combination of hard power, soft power and timing will not drift to heaven in the technical drift, and will break the company's future into an impulse.

China's first theme park opening experience different LED

Aladdin "light" point: "User experience" era LED promotion "out of the industry, to the public"

At first glance, the "LED", outsiders think more of science and technology, classified in a serious academic category. However, the development of LED will eventually lead to civilian use and become a part of people's daily lives. Many times, we advocate that LED applications should be people-oriented, but if people do not know LED, then from what people-oriented? Today, mobile phones focus on user experience, furniture focus on user experience, even a small board should also focus on user experience In the era of LED, how can LED not "user experience"?

The author believes that "user experience, people-oriented" may be the original intention and goal of this experience. At present, the promotion of the LED industry is more dominated by the government. A policy must be implemented and implemented. This is for the LED industry to have a broad space for development in the future. However, in the process of promotion, the drawbacks appear to be simply pushing and pushing away from people's feelings; in fact, many people outside the industry only stay in the “familiar” stage and it takes time to accept and use them.

The development of the industry is not "door-to-door", LED promotion can not be more limited. It can be said that the opening of the LED theme park experience building is a major advancement of LED promotion, providing a platform for the general public to try on their own, understanding LED, and recognizing that LED applications are diversified.

International negotiations pressure on the use of mercury light source Ministry of Environmental Protection brewing prevention and control of the New Deal Aladdin "light" point: the pressure of power to break through the "pollution after treatment"

China's consumption of mercury for energy-saving lamps is about 20 tons per year, and the penetration of 1 milligram of mercury into the ground will cause pollution of 360 tons of water and surrounding soil. These data are not new but are the objective facts faced by current electric light sources. As the world’s largest mercury producer, user, and emitter, China has become the world’s most polluted region of mercury. However, there are many problems in the prevention and control of mercury pollution in China, including basic research, lack of economic feasibility, and emission reduction technologies.

There have been almost 20 years of basic research and technology reserves abroad, and China is almost unprepared, so it is often very passive in negotiations. The concept of "pollution after pollution first" does not work in China. This view of sacrificing the environment to develop the economy cannot continue to exist. Environmental protection should not lag behind economic development. Both should and can be carried out simultaneously. Otherwise, they will eventually only affect. The development of energy-saving lamps, and we in China do not have the capital and conditions of "pollution first."

This time due to the pressure to implement international conventions, China has to start a New Deal. Can this "stress" become the "motivation" for prevention and control? The author does not dare to guarantee this, but the Ministry of Environmental Protection can consider the use of foreign countries for mercury pollution control. The technical research is not merely an oral promise such as “ not...”.

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