AI Seas Half-Sen Microsoft Ice Forecasts Adele Sweeps Grammy

A series of semi-animals represented by the "Predicted Emperor" octopus Paul of the World Cup in South Africa have been popularized on the Internet. Nowadays, artificial intelligence has taken over. And these AIs hold big data and "fortune telling" is also scientific. The 59th Grammy Awards Ceremony was held on the evening of February 12th, local time, and the British female singer Adele swept the top five awards with the return of the single "Hello". Microsoft's AI assistant Xiao Bing has long seen through it all. On February 12, 2017, the 59th Grammy Awards was held in Los Angeles, USA. British singer Adele swept 5 awards at the ceremony. Visual China map Previously, Microsoft Xiao Bing had issued a document predicting: "In the category of comprehensive awards, Adele is expected to win two awards of "production of the year" and "song of the year" with the single "Hello" and beat Beyont with a slight advantage. Sis single "Formation". Beyonce's "Lemonade" is most likely to pick the "Album of the Year" award, ChancetheRapper is expected to be the "Best Newcomer" award. In the pop music awards, Adele is likely to beat Bi. Ans and Justin Bieber, took away the "Best Pop Show" award and the "Best Pop Singer Album" award. "The best pop ensemble/combination" or will be played by the Danish band Lucas Graham. In terms of music, the dead David Bowie is likely to win the "Best Rock Show" and "Best Rock Song" awards for his last album "Blackstar." The "Best Rock Album" may be the United States. In the pocket of the rock band Panic!attheDisco, Drake may overwhelm Kanye West and receive two awards for “best rap song” and “best rap album”. Desiigner is considered as the best rapper award, and Rihanna, who received eight nominations like Drake, is most likely to win the “Best R&B Show” and “Best R&B Music” awards. Adele is expected to be a big winner.” With regard to this final result, we can see that Adele is the biggest winner of this year's Grammy, as Xiao Bing said. Xiao Bing predicts that Adele will win 4 of the 5 nominations and is very bold, but Adele's performance even exceeds Xiao Bing’s expectations. He defeated Beyonce’s “Lemonade” to include the “Annual Album” award. In the bag. In addition, Xiaobing was remanded to ChancetheRapper's "Best Newcomer" award, David Bowie's two rock awards, and Drake's "Best Singing Song" award. Entertaining, physical and political amphibious "half immortals" Microsoft Xiao Bing has unlocked the "half immortal" skills and the record is quite dazzling. In the entertainment industry, 2015 Oscar, Xiao Bing 4 forecast all. In 2016 Oscar, Xiao Bing predicts 4 in 3, and successfully predicts that Xiao Lizi, Bu Li and Lito won the best mentor, best woman host and best director. However, the only goal that “Mechanoji will not win any award” is not the result of Xiao Bing’s calculations. It is because this film, which tells the future of artificial intelligence “power”, is in conflict with Xiao Bing. Xiao Bing predicts that in 2016 Oscar in the sports world, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Xiao Bing will successfully predict all the 16 matches in the group stage, the knockout prediction success rate will exceed 60%, and the final winner will be the German team. In addition, Xiao Bing also lived on the PPTV live Madrid La Derby and successfully predicted that Atletico won, during the Rio Olympic Games as the Dragon TV anchor of the Olympic Games and successfully predicted the Chinese women's volleyball team to win the championship. However, Xiao Bing also had a famous loss of footing in the sports field: It was predicted that the Warriors beat the Cavaliers 4:1 to win the 2016 NBA Finals. Xiao Bing predicts Madrid derby In addition, Xiao Bing also occasionally involved in political topics. In the future, this is a more predictable direction. In 2014, Xiao Bing successfully predicted the results of the Scottish independence referendum. However, Xiao Bing has planted a big comeback in the US election. On the day of invoicing, Xiao Bing also confidently raised the probability of the election of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to 90%. Is the American election the touchstone? Xiao Bing is not the only AI semi-sen in the United States election. Last week, in the “American Spring Festival Gala” Super Bowl, the New England Patriots reversed the Jedi dominance against the Atlanta Falcon, and an American algorithm platform called Unanimous (UNU) not only predicted the result, but even predicted the score. Staggering. However, such an AI semi-sensual technique has also made a move in the United States last year. UNU forecasted the Super Bowl score and the artificial intelligence MogIA designed by Sanjiv Rai, a founder of the Indian startup, became famous in the war. This MogIA collected 20 million data points from websites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and then analyzed the data. It is predicted that Republican Trump will defeat Hillary and enter the White House. It is almost the only one who has teamed up with Trump. intelligent. Prior to this, MogIA also ran for two US presidents in the past. How science "fortune telling"? Although most AIs failed to pass the U.S. election, overall, they performed fairly well in general. Then, how does AI manifest its supernatural powers and scientific "fortune-telling"? Peng Shuang, senior product director of Microsoft's Xiao Bing said that Xiao Bing's prediction mainly relies on big data analysis. Its data sources are very extensive, including all public data on the Internet, social network data, and people's search behavior data in Bing. Microsoft's unique social networking data and Bing search data may be the capital of Xiao Bing and other AI counterparts. Of course, it is equally important to mine information in the data and design calculation models. Xiao Bing built a probability map model (PGM) on these unstructured data sources, and finally used a deep neural network regression model to obtain the final prediction results. The UNU who guessed the Super Bowl's big reversal score is based on a technology called SwarmAI. The concept of SwarmAI is inspired by some birds and insects in nature. When social animals work collectively in a unified dynamic system, the decisions they make go beyond individual individuals. However, physiologically, humans lack acute connections for establishing real-time feedback (such as ant's tentacles) and therefore cannot form clusters. The idea of ​​SwarmAI is to use the Internet to form a real-time online system, input the intelligence, knowledge and intuition of individual individuals, and then use the algorithm to output a cluster of better results. The MogIA logic that was unique and bet on Trump was relatively “simple and crude”. MogIA does not care about the results of the poll on “who you would vote for,” nor does it care about the media coverage of the two-party policy. The question that MogIA is most concerned about is which candidate’s topics are more involved with the Internet. Putting aside political preference, it believes in a simple idea: the more “fire” person will be elected.

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