The Beijing New Energy Vehicle Catalogue launched a financial subsidy of no more than 60% of the selling price 26 days ago.

According to media reports, the Beijing Municipal Economic and Trade Commission recently stated that Beijing's new energy vehicle filing work is accelerating, with emphasis on strict requirements in product safety, quality and after-sales service. The Municipal Economic and Information Commission is currently stepping up the organization of collecting enterprise application materials, and is seeking to launch the first batch of Beijing new energy passenger car manufacturers and products in 2017 before the 26th of this month. According to the latest requirements of the state, the financial subsidy standard for Beijing New Energy Passenger Cars will be implemented at 50% of the central financial subsidy standard, and the two-level financial subsidies will not exceed 60% of the vehicle sales price.

The agency believes that the sales and sales of new energy vehicles fell sharply in January due to various factors such as subsidized retreats, rising prices of upstream materials and land subsidies. However, in the medium term, with the successive implementation of local subsidies and the gradual weakening of the influence of the Spring Festival, the demand for new energy vehicles will gradually return to normal. The growth logic of the new energy auto industry will be driven by policy-driven shifting endogenous demand, and production and sales are expected to improve significantly. The advantages of leading companies in the industry chain that benefit from policy dividends and market dividends will be more prominent.

New energy vehicles can focus on:

1. New energy vehicle manufacturers, such as BYD, Zhongtong Bus, and Yaxing Bus, will benefit.

2. With the continuous high price of lithium products and electrolytes, the lithium resource concept stocks led by Tianqi Lithium Industry will maintain rapid growth in performance, including Tianci materials and Xinzhoubang, which benefit from the continuous price increase of lithium hexafluorophosphate;

3, lithium battery manufacturing equipment, such as pilot intelligence, win-win technology; this year there are companies that increase capital and expansion plans, such as Chengfei integration, Guoxuan Hi-Tech and so on.


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