AJAZZ Black Fighter Mechanical Vigilance - Affordable Play Light Mechanical Keyboard

I. Introduction

First of all, thanks to Aunt Zhang's lucky draw, I am very happy to be able to be tested by the product. It is hoped that this kind of lucky draw will be carried out in a large number of ways so that the vast number of valued friends will enjoy the fun of winning and evaluating.

Due to the early return of the Chinese New Year, the keyboard has only been received until now. The keyboard key is a tea shaft, the appearance is white, and the backlight is blue. Enter the topic below.

Second, packaging articles

▲ Aunt Zhang’s packaging is tight

â–²There is a layer inside

â–² The box is slightly deformed, the paper packaging material is thin, and there is no one-time seal at the sealing

â–² left and right black sponge fixed

â–²The keyboard is well-preserved and there is no key-down situation

Third, the details of articles

â–² specific parameters, quoted from the official website

â–² overall appearance, great weight

â–² lighting effect, the blue light is a little too bright by default, will look a little harsh at night

â–² gold-plated connector + anti-magnetic ring, no trace of being used

â–² function keys above the keyboard

â–²win key, can be locked

â–² tea shaft and key cap

â–²Lighting effect

â–²Side, Ergonomics


Fourth, summary

I have a pirate ship K70 tea shaft (for home use) and Pennefather v500s tea shaft (for company use).


1. Good workmanship, no burr, thick cable, full weight

2. There are a lot of lighting effects without installing the driver (compared with the lighting of the Pennefather v500s)

3. Affordable, feel good, a lot of function keys are very practical (compared with the Pennefather v500s tea shaft)


1. Compared to the cherry shaft, the homemade shaft is a bit stiffer, the buttons are not particularly crisp, and occasionally there is a spring sound. This is not a disadvantage. After all, it is unfair that the price is there.

2. The functional identification on the keycap is printed afterwards, resulting in a non-smooth keycap.

3. The bottom row of keys in the alphabet area has an arc, which is different from the bottom row of keys in the arrow keys and numeric keypad area.

to sum up:

Affordable prices, but also play lights. Students who don’t have high requirements on the axis or who want to experience the mechanical keyboard can start, and the price will not be disappointed.

Thanks for watching!

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