Xiaomi LeTV seems to be so difficult to break through the international market.

The entire TV field is a river. There are rivers and lakes in places where people are fighting, and the pattern is changing abruptly. Especially in the past two or three years, the industry was once covered with the hat of the sunset industry, including the collapse of Japanese TV players. But there are still new Internet TV brands such as the rise of LeTV. Among them, the two Korean forces represented by Samsung and LG have become the winners on this industrial stage, among which Samsung is stable and LG is radical.

Recently, according to the latest report released by Beijing Qunzhi Marketing Consulting, Samsung Electronics led the global TV supply in 2016 with a proportion of 19.7%, which is almost equal to the domestic “Three Heroes” TCL (7.6%), Hisense (7.1%), Skyworth. The sum of (6.6%). From the current sales data released by the major TV manufacturers in the first three quarters of this year, it can be inferred that by the end of 2016, Samsung TV will usher in the eleventh year to reach the top of global sales.

In contrast to Samsung's monopoly and continued lead in the international color TV market, China's color TV industry has shown a situation of hegemony. Traditional TV manufacturers TCL, Hisense and Skyworth are basically in the same league. Everyone takes turns sitting in the village, and Internet TV such as LeTV has relied on Internet thinking, combining soft and hard, struggling to break through and ushered in a short-lived bustling, but when the "hardware free" bonus gradually fades, how far can it go?

In such a plethora of industrial landscapes, the core concern is: So many TV players, why is South Korea’s Samsung able to defend its title for eleven years? And it is still in the background of the overall TV industry is not booming. As a research object, the study of Yiyi's long-term skills to explore the road of Samsung TV can make us gain a lot.

1, technology, or the generation gap of technology

The term technology feels a bit ruined. It seems that the whole technology field is about technology, but it is the real essence.

In the tide of the development of the television industry, each time it is a new technology to play the locomotive of industrial upgrading. From spherical CRT to flat-screen CRT, and then to the LCD LCD, LED backlight era, the TV successfully slimmed down, and then to OLED to make TV display technology reach new heights, and even now more excellent and balanced SUHD in all aspects.

As the industry has said, there is no sunset TV industry, only the sunset TV technology. Among them, Samsung accurately grasped the trend of the TV industry exhibition, and grasped the technical commanding heights through technological innovation.

Previously, people once realized that China's TV industry is big but not strong, mainly because China does not have its own LCD panel factory. However, when the domestic LCD panel factories were put into production, we still found that the domestic TV is not competitive enough in some high-end markets. The root cause lies in the gap between the domestic players and the generation of Samsung.

Of course, technology can't just slog the slogan, but constantly change and change quickly. Looking closely at Samsung, when the ordinary LCD LCD TV began to show homogenization, it took the lead in LED backlight upgrade. When LED backlight and ultra-thin body became popular, Samsung quickly turned to dominate 4K UHD resolution and surface. Display technology until the latest more mature and more image-friendly SUHD quantum dot technology. In addition, Samsung is still an early adopter of split TV.

It can be said that Samsung TV's eleven years of maintaining its dominance is based on repeated technical upgrades. Moreover, the technological innovation of the television industry is a long journey that requires both endurance and explosiveness. It is very likely that the lead will fall behind in the next wave of technological changes. Samsung can continue to dominate, it is with a keen sense of crisis, relying on the continuous redefinition of television, to a certain extent, Samsung is the rule maker of every TV technology, domestic players are just behind, always One shot behind.

As a rule maker, it is further backed up to benefit Samsung. Because, after Samsung made the rules, it proved to be alive, it triggered the whole industry to follow, and gradually became the standard of many TV manufacturers. First, the influence of Samsung TV brand has increased greatly; secondly, other families follow the rules maker's game to play, only the top players can get the maximum benefit.

2, the industry chain control and neglected ingenuity

In fact, Samsung TV can achieve eleven times, technology is the internal support, but it also needs to be based on the continuous layout of the industry chain, downstream.

This point, whether it is a display panel or a series of components such as processing chips, Samsung can control the entire industry chain. The control of the display panel does not need to be described too much. Samsung relies on the advantages of its own panel factory to control the trend of the panel industry and has a strong lethality in the large-size and high-end markets.

In addition, for example, Samsung developed its own TV operating system, established the Internet of Things standard, and realized the true integration of software and hardware. It also established alliances with downstream TV manufacturers to build new technologies, such as TCL, Hisense, Changhong, Toshiba, etc. Mainstream color TV manufacturers have formed a curved camp. It is through these that Samsung has continuously strengthened its own supply chain advantage.

In my opinion, the core of today's TV industry competition is returning to the core of the industry chain, returning to the resource--channel--service synergy and integration capability of the entire industry chain.

From the supply of display panels to the mass production of large-size TVs, fast online and offline shipments are essentially multi-party synergy, ultimately relying on improving the efficiency of the supply chain. The supply chain is vital, and it takes a whole body. Because Samsung has high-quality control over the supply chain, it can play at its own pace. Without the advantages of this supply chain, it is difficult to avoid being made to people, and even unfavorable situations such as the inability to supply immediately.

It is worth noting that in addition to technology and supply chain, Samsung has long dominated TV and has an internal drive. This is the soul of a company's development. Samsung's promotion of TV from technology products to crafts is not only a simple product, but the genes behind it or the kernel is an ingenuity.

The so-called ingenuity is the persistence and perseverance, the ultimate in every craft, the quality can withstand the temper, and let the user experience excellence.

From Samsung's production of television in 1969, it was the first time in 2006 that it was the world's number one sales. Samsung used it for 37 years. In these 37 years, Samsung will not stand out from the crowd, and it is both a challenge and a challenge. In the end, the TV was built into a high-quality craft. For example, Samsung TV abandoned the direct copy practice of most manufacturers. Samsung was the biggest beneficiary of flat LEDs but went to develop their own surfaces and formed the label of curved TV, only to give users a better sense of immersion.

Many people know that the Germans have extremely strict requirements for the quality of their products, and therefore inject the brand into the spirit of ingenuity that can withstand the time. For example, the Mercedes-Benz in Germany has won a century-old reputation because it combines high-quality, high-tech, extraordinary details with ingenuity. Samsung’s decades of television persistence and glory are still closely linked to this ingenuity.

3. The development of the color TV industry is now turning, how is the road ahead?

Of course, Samsung TV topped the global sales in the eleventh year. This is not the end. There is still a long way to go. Especially at present, the domestic color TV market is becoming saturated and has changed from an incremental market to a stock market.

In the new market environment, for the next 2017, how to maintain its growth momentum, whether it will usher in the 12th year of glory, wait for time to verify.

For many domestic TV players, next, they want to stand out in the fierce competition, and take the technology to drive the brand high-end side is the best policy. In reality, color TV manufacturers TCL, Skyworth, etc. have made choices - they have begun to shift from the previous "than low price" to "higher than" and "higher than".

Because the current market is in the era of consumption upgrading, the high-end route can not only meet the upgraded consumer demand, but also increase the gross profit margin of the product.

However, high-end is not shouted out, TV is still a technology-led industry, which technology to choose to bless their "brand high-end" strategy, is now, color TV manufacturers should focus on.

As the media "Southern Metropolis Daily" said: the global color TV industry is entering a new turning point of development, the traditional liquid crystal display technology is facing the elimination, facing the next generation of display technology - OLED and quantum dots, the choice of domestic color TV manufacturers will Decide on the fate and status of the next decade or so.

At present, the core technologies of laser TV, quantum dot and OLED are all in the hands of Samsung. Domestic color TV manufacturers are struggling to develop upstream technology research. This is a way, but their investment in the amount and time and the core technology they are mastering are temporarily at a disadvantage. Uncertain future.

Where is going in the future, what will be the specific trend of the TV industry in the future, 2017 will be a crucial year.

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