# The first sun # FUJIFILM Fuji Macro lens XF60mmF2.4 R Macro Unpacking


I am a computer digital lover. After making some original comments and evaluations with Aunt Zhang, I slowly feel that the camera lens in my hand is not enough. Many of the electronic products are small objects. There are no macro lenses in the hands that can't clearly capture the details, such as the close-up of data line interfaces and circuit board originals. The Fuji X-A2 in my hand is still available. In the absence of a replacement plan for a short period of time, I plan to enter Fujitsu's original macro lens to capture the details and use it to help friends shoot online shop photos. Unfortunately, Fujitsu's original macro lens has only one XF60mmF2.4 R Macro, and the new price is around 3400 all year round. It's not easy to think about it.

FUJIFILM XF60mm F2.4 R Macro Medium focal length macro lens 26.7cm working distance Super easy to use 3399 yuan high This is a medium focal lens, despite its small size, it has a bright aperture of F2.4 . The seventh lens uses a glass molded aspherical lens to prevent image curvature; the sixth lens uses an ED (ultra-low dispersion) glass lens to suppress color aberration. This lens combines excellent blur effect with high-definition imaging capabilities and is ideal for use in portrait photography. The closest focusing distance of the lens is 26.7cm, and the maximum shooting magnification of 0.5x can be used for macro photography. Jingdong direct link

Then I turned to leisure fish and found that the second hand was not cheap. I wanted 2000 or so. The fineness was still very general. This matter was shelved. Until the company's leisure day idle nothing to browse free fish found a good lens of fineness, 2300's price is still a bit expensive, but fortunately the packaging accessories complete, asked the seller to feel reliable to shoot down. Say here, I feel that my enthusiasm for photography was completely picked up by Zhang Aunt. Similarly, if you bought a camera under the temptation of Auntie, please praise me. . .

I just wanted to simply dry the lens and earn some gold coins. I found that the Aunt has not sunk through this lens yet. I can even mix the first # of this site and simply upgrade it and write it out of the box. (Fortunately, there is package).

Unpacking and appearance

After the camera arrived, it was found that the package was fairly new and the seller kept it well. Fuji lens box is a consistent black white, relatively simple

In order to avoid taking too much space out of the box drawing, I made a diagram of the unpacking process

Fuji lens positioning is not low, lens body there is a separate box, work well, the lid is magnetic, there is a thick sponge shock, there is no need to buy a special storage box.

As many accessories, the seller should be a careful person, only from the hands of such people can only be assured.

Mirror body black body, metal material, in his hand is very weight. Focus ring is relatively large, damping is appropriate, relatively smooth. The aperture ring is slightly narrower, the damping is lighter, there is a sense of passage, and the step is 1/3.

The origin is Japan, and quality seems to provide an additional layer of protection. In fact, people tangled equipment production for a reason, take the recently listed X-A3 and X-A10 for example, the release of such a long time still has no spot. According to online news, Fujifilm's Malaysian factory had a problem with its quality control. The flip screens of the two cameras were flawed. Fuji recalled the merchant's inventory quietly.

The lens is perfect, very transparent, and after a careful inspection, a dust was found.

Put in your hand for everyone's reference lens size

The hood is actually composed of two parts, the snap part is plastic, and the shade drum is metal, which has a lot of weight. No flocking inside, but the thread was cut to eliminate the light.

Look at the machine effect, X-A2 with this lens looks a lot smaller body, the overall effect is plausible.

Put on the hood is a little domineering side leakage

Hoods can be buckled for easy carrying.

XF60mmF2.4 R Macro is an external focusing structure. The closer the focusing distance is, the more the front lens group protrudes, the longer it will inevitably enter the ash, and should be protected when it is used.

Lens specifications and use experience

Introduce the camera directly to the official website

The use of feelings first talk about the focus, Fuji lacks the shortcomings of the camera is not much, slow lens focus is one of them. XF60mmF2.4 R Macro is no exception, the autofocus sound is loud and it pulls the bellows, and the 35F2 on the hand is not a grade at all. As I said before, this lens is used to move the front lens to focus. When the AF stroke is large, the lens can feel the shock from the body. The first time the whole person was shaken. Not many touched lenses, such a big shake is the first experience. XF60mmF2.4 R Macro manual focus feels good, very practical, with the peak focus can be very precise focus to the desired position. The closer the focusing distance during operation, the longer the focusing stroke, and the longer the distance, the shorter the focusing stroke.

Another important indicator of macro lens is magnification. The XF60mmF2.4 R Macro has a maximum magnification of 0.5x, which is still somewhat different from the Canon Nikon 60-micron 1:1 magnification, but shooting ordinary small objects or still life is fully enough. Below is a photo of the Renminbi, which people liked to see. It looked fine and straightforward.

The following is a 100% enlarged look. It's enough for me. My mother never has to worry about it.

In terms of imaging, I found that the image quality of the lens was slightly reduced (but available) when the lens was recently focused at a small aperture. The photograph looks like there is a halo, and it looks like there is a glare on the camera. Shooting does not have this problem. However, this problem does not affect my use, and I rarely take photographs at such close distances. First, there is no need for such a large magnification, and it takes a lot of trouble to shoot at a distance of about 30cm.

The following photo was taken with an F11 aperture at close range. It was not cut out and the quality was normal. It was like a fog. I suspect that this phenomenon may be due to the fact that the distance is too shallow and the quality of the out-of-focus imaging is not good.

The photo below is a close-up F2.4 aperture, straight out of crop, shallow depth of field but more transparent than the one above.

In general, the XF60mmF2.4 R Macro satisfies my usage needs. Shooting some small parts is not a problem. The photo does not need 100% magnification to get enough details.

Other aspects of the limited level of their own do not have more evaluation, and interested friends can search the Internet for other professional evaluation.


I took photos of the residue, but I couldn’t miss out on the samples. First, I felt that all the drying equipment was not ridiculed. The second reason was that because of my thick skin, I didn’t really know how to take some pictures. Zhang let everyone laugh

Reader circuit board F5.6

Park F2.8

Street light F2.4

Passerby F2.4, the following photo and the above street lights are the largest aperture shot, sharp focus, focal blur effect in general, intends to take this lens to shoot portrait students or give it up, buy Fuji XF mount Portrait shots are either added to the money on the 56 1.2, or else the 50 or so on the market price of around 3,000 will be available.

Temple Fair F2.4

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