Aluminum alloy cable chemical properties

Aluminum alloy cable chemical properties Aluminum alloy power cable is a new type of material power cable with AA-8000 series aluminum alloy material as conductor, special pressing technology and annealing treatment, and advanced technology such as interlocking armoring technology.

The difference between aluminum alloy cable and ordinary cable: aluminum alloy cable uses AA-8000 series aluminum alloy conductor, while ordinary cable uses copper or pure aluminum as cable conductor.

Advantages of aluminum alloy cable over ordinary cable:

Anti-corrosion performance

The inherent corrosion resistance of aluminum stems from the formation of a thin and strong oxide layer when the aluminum surface is in contact with air, and this oxide layer is particularly resistant to various forms of corrosion. The addition of rare earth elements in the alloy can further improve the corrosion resistance of the aluminum alloy, especially electrochemical corrosion. Aluminum's ability to withstand harsh environments has made it widely used in cable tray conductors, as well as many industrial components and containers. Corrosion is usually related to the connection of different metals in a wet environment. Corresponding protective measures can be used to prevent corrosion, such as the use of lubricating oils, antioxidants, and protective coatings. Alkaline soils and some types of acidic soils are more corrosive to aluminum. Therefore, aluminum conductors laid directly on the ground should be protected against corrosion by using insulating layers or molded sheaths. In sulfur-containing environments, such as railway tunnels and other similar places, aluminum alloys have much better corrosion resistance than copper.

Flame retardancy

In the event of a building fire, smoke and halogen-containing toxins (halogen-containing flame retardants in cables, etc.) are deadly killers. "Civil Building Electrical Design Code" (JGJ16-2008) Clause 2 of Article 7.4.1 stipulates: "For high-rise buildings and important public places and other fire-resistant buildings, use flame-retardant smoke-free halogen-free cross-linking Ethylene insulated power cable."

The insulation of armoured aluminum alloy cables produced by a company uses low-smoke and halogen-free XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) materials, combined with its unique self-locking armored structure to achieve low smoke, halogen-free and flame retardant IA grades. The transmittance of this type of cable at the time of combustion reaches 99% (the standard requires class IA light transmittance ≥80%), and only a very small amount of smoke is generated. When a fire occurs, the secondary damage to the human body is reduced, which is favorable to timely Evacuation and rescue.

Aluminum alloy belts with self-locking armored cable have good heat dissipation and can take away heat quickly. The flame retardant properties are excellent. They can be quickly extinguished after the flame is removed, and will not be delayed by other materials. According to the comparison of the burning test, the carbonization height for a 40-minute fire is only 0.15m, which is far lower than the national standard “Combustion test for cables and optical cables under flame conditions. Part 33: Vertically-directed flame propagation test for bunched wires and cables of category A” (GB / T 18380.33-2008) Flame retardant cable carbonization height ≤ 2.50m.

Through analysis, aluminum alloy cables have certain advantages in terms of corrosion resistance and flame retardancy. In addition, the world’s copper-rich aluminum, high-quality, high-tech aluminum materials have been developed, and it is necessary to promote the use of aluminum alloy cables. , and the prospects will be very impressive.

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