Technical application and advantages of LED light source in medical equipment

[Source: Gaogong LED 's " LED Lighting Channel" magazine January issue / He Xingling]

"LED Lighting Channel" reporter selected a representative LED medical lighting R & D and manufacturing enterprises as the object of investigation - Chongqing Bang Qiao, to understand the technical application and advantages of LED light source in medical equipment. It is understood that the use of LED light sources in different places in the hospital is different.

Chongqing Bonjo proposed two influential concepts in the lighting of green hospitals, namely the concept of green low-carbon operating room and the concept of biological rhythm lighting.

Green low carbon operating room

The green low-carbon operating room consists of three aspects: the first is a color temperature adjustable operating room, and the operating room uses a color temperature adjustable LED light source to render the optimal environment for surgery, helping to improve the quality of surgery, reducing the risk of surgery, and improving doctors and Patient's comfort to light. Its advantage is that no glare and shadows can naturally integrate the console with the surrounding environment. During venipuncture, the color change of the illumination helps to better view the veins, and there is sufficient color rendering during anesthesia.

The second is the intelligent barrier-free operating room. Bonjo uses full computer control to combine LED lighting technology with operating room construction and purification engineering. This barrier-free surgical lighting intelligent key technology achieves a new shadowless effect and solves it. Surgical illumination has no obstruction and high color rendering requirements, which improves the purification and aseptic effect of the surgical site.

This technology will change the construction standards of the operating room, reduce the construction cost of the operating room and the energy consumption of the air conditioning. The height of the operating room is only 2.4m, which enables surgical lighting in low-rise, high-purification rooms. Since the surgical light uses a high-power LED color temperature adjustable chip, it can achieve up to 300 million color changes.

The third is the minimally invasive surgery digital operating room. The minimally invasive operating room is a concentrated workplace for all kinds of digital equipment and various surgical instruments. Most minimally invasive surgery is performed by monitor or microscope observation. The lower operation greatly affects the stereoscopic feeling and the angular force feedback of the operator.

In the illumination of the minimally invasive operating room, Bon Joo is required to be able to see the operation area and the observation screen, and does not affect the operation of the operation. Therefore, the indoor green illumination and color temperature adjustment technology of the minimally invasive operation room emerged as the times require. The quality of the surgery protects the vision and health of the surgeon and the patient.

LED biorhythm lighting

ICU biorhythm adaptive lighting system

Most of the healthy human activities show a 24-hour circadian rhythm, which is compatible with the 24-hour period formed by the regular rotation of the Earth. The surface circadian rhythm is synchronized by the cyclical changes of the external environment (light intensity and temperature). . There are circadian rhythm changes such as body temperature, pulse, blood pressure, oxygen consumption, and hormone secretion levels.

The ICU biorhythm adaptive lighting system repeats 24 hours according to the biological rhythm, automatically adjusts the stimulation of the physiological clock, so that the patient's circadian rhythm can be synchronized with the sun, allowing the patient's physiological function to coordinate with the solar clock cycle, helping the ICU patients to accelerate recovery and improve treatment effect.

LED intelligent ward lighting system

The ward is a place for recovery and recuperation, so the lighting needs to mainly consider the patient and take into account the requirements of the medical staff. The LED panel light is even and soft, and no glare can give the patient a comfortable and warm environment.

The LED intelligent ward lighting system is divided into three parts:

1. Color temperature adjustable lighting technology for ward lighting. During the daytime, when the patient needs to be examined and treated, the light can be adjusted to a high-brightness, high-color line of cool white light or natural light to improve the examination and treatment effect of doctors and nurses. In the evening, you can adjust the light to a warm warm light to help the patient rest and health and create a warm home effect.
2, the bedside lighting is clear, mobile, easy to control, help medical staff to observe the condition at any time, and will not interfere with clinical examinations and rest of others.
3, night lighting should be set to the ground night light, generally 0.3-0.5m from the ground, for night medical staff to check the room care or the patient at night.

Neonatal biorhythm lighting system

In some hospitals, baby care rooms are used to care for newborns and are accustomed to placing them in a long-lit environment. The latest research found that this long-term environment may lead to disorders in neonatal sleep and wake rhythm.

The biological rhythm lighting system compensates for the shortcomings of the traditional color of the traditional fluorescent lamp, which can not simulate the diurnal variation. The 24-hour circadian rhythm changes automatically adjust the illuminance and color temperature of the baby care room, so that the newborn's living environment meets the biological rhythm requirements.

LED baby jaundice treatment instrument

LED neonatal jaundice treatment device is suitable for the treatment of premature infants, neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. Astragalus is a common phenomenon in neonatal period. Because this pathological jaundice can cause cerebral damage to infants caused by bilirubin encephalopathy (nuclear jaundice), leading to early death and serious sequelae, it is necessary to treat neonatal pathological jaundice. Make timely and effective treatment.

The LED high-power blue light therapy device has uniform illumination, adjustable light intensity, high safety and convenient movement. The efficacy of phototherapy for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia (hyperbilirubinemia) has been clinically recognized and has been recognized by the medical community as an effective treatment.

LED lighting tips in all areas of the hospital

Nurse and doctor office lighting

The nurse station is where the hospital's medical staff provides services. The nurse is the most eye-catching in the lights on each floor, so it is convenient for people to find. The horizontal illumination of the nurse standing on the working surface should meet 300LX, and the LED flat light source with high color temperature (5500k) can be used. This flat lamp illumination has the characteristics of high brightness, low energy consumption and no glare, and can be used for nurses and other medical services. The personnel provide a good visual environment and are not easy to visual fatigue.

The color rendering problem should be fully considered when selecting the lamps in the doctor's office. According to the content of the treatment, some places also need dimming control. The selection of lamps should consider the use of LED panels with adjustable brightness at a color temperature of around 4300k.

Inspection room lighting

The examination is divided into two categories: laboratory examination and examination of the patient's physiological function. The laboratory inspection area is the same as the biological and chemical laboratory. The lighting should pay attention to the nature of work and color rendering. In addition to color rendering, the physiological function examination area should also consider the patient's own requirements.

High-color LED flat panel lighting should be considered in the illumination of the examination room. In the physiological examination, inspection tools such as LED inspection lamps and LED headlights can be considered.

MRI CT room lighting

The “clear sky” LED high color ceiling skylight provides a pleasant environment and a warm effect. It can alleviate the patient's fear and eliminate the anxiety, no matter the cold and the heat, the clinic will always be bright. Many hospitals around the world have successfully applied.

Outpatient hall lighting

Each flat panel ceiling panel has 288 small light-emitting diodes (LEDs), each of which emits red, blue, green and white, so there are a total of 16 million colors. Dynamic images can be displayed on the tablet, such as moving clouds, and can also show changes in daytime light, including sunrise and sunset. Its luminous rate can be as high as 15%, making the entire hall brighter.

Therefore, the lighting products used in each place of the hospital are different. According to the national GB 50034-2004 architectural lighting design specification standard, the lighting power density of each department after the transformation of the integrated LED energy-saving lighting scheme is compared with the current value and the target value as follows:

It can be seen that the illumination power of each department after the transformation of the LED lamps is controlled below the target value, and the corresponding illumination power density is about 1/3 lower. The application of LED light source in medical equipment can not only achieve energy-saving effects, but also bring value to hospitals and bring health to medical staff and patients.

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