Li Guoping: LED lighting small power chip will be the leading

Li Guoping, chairman of Hongli Optoelectronics (300219), responded to investors' questions about LED lighting trends. At present, the power efficiency of small power chips in many factories in China is already very high. The power efficiency of high-power chips is generally inferior to that of small and medium power chips. But high-power chips also have their advantages, such as miner's lamps, or good with high power. In terms of lighting, small power chips will dominate, but large, medium and small power chips will have their own advantages.

Li Guoping said that in terms of LED lighting promotion and sales, the biggest risk of the EMC (contract energy) model is how to collect money. There are dozens of projects that the company has talked about from last year to today. Some projects have billions of projects, but there are not many projects that really landed. The reason is to consider the risks. Even if it is a government order, the company is very cautious and requires guarantees such as land and property.

A few days ago, the company was talking about a project and hoped to make the BT model. Some projects are accounted for in the office, saving billions of dollars, but the project is not easy to land. Everyone is exploring.

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