Caused the LED industry to face the reshuffle factor

Caused the LED industry to face the reshuffle factor

LED is an emerging high-tech industry. Government support and rich enterprises cannot solve all problems. The lack of core technicians has become a bottleneck for the development of all companies. Only technology is the first choice. At present, the LED industry is facing the situation that the upstream lacks experienced core technicians, and the technicians in this area have to cultivate for more than three years. In the past year or two, digging enough skilled technicians and experienced front line operators will be one of the key factors for the company to survive until the next round of rapid growth.

At the same time, many LED companies generally have a technical staff "thirteen jumps" and their wages will rise accordingly. The skills of this employee are still standing still. The most critical reason is that the industry is short of talent.

The threshold is too low: too many companies can only make the market bad

In the past few years, tempted by policies and potential for growth in the future, coupled with low barriers to entry, various sources of funds have lumped together the LED lighting industry, causing vicious downstream competition, corporate profits have fallen sharply, and there has been a wave of closures. As of the end of 2011, there were more than 80 LED lighting companies in Shenzhen alone, and of the more than 2,000 LED companies in the city, most were in the low-end areas of packaging and applications, and semiconductor materials that were crucial to product production. Fluorescent powder production companies are not even one!

In the past two years, under the guidance of minute-mindedness and misunderstanding of national policies, the ancient town of Guangzhongshan quickly developed a chaotic competition and a mixed culture of development. “It is very easy to open a store. Assemblers who had previously worked in large factories for two or even several months will be able to become a boss simply by renting a storeroom. There is a small factory-produced material and component line supply. After simple assembly, it can be finished and sold. Make money, how many will do!..."

Capital chain breaks the company's struggling

In the current industry environment, SMEs have low-end technologies, fierce competition, and narrow financing channels. The phenomenon of “contracted debts” entwined among production companies, suppliers, and customers is common, and they are buried in the company’s fragile capital chain. Under the hidden dangers.

Now people in the industry pointed out that in the current situation, the LED industry can not be regarded as a high-tech industry, can only say is a typical labor-intensive manufacturing industry, many companies can use LED components in the market even if they do not understand technology Occupy a place. It can be said that many companies now concentrate on the low-end market and fight prices. Low natural product prices will also be greatly affected, and many companies are taking the initiative rather than relying on quality to win. All said, inferior products in the market are also increasing. Excessive production capacity has triggered a vicious price war among companies, which has caused the price of downstream LED products companies to continue to decline, and profits have naturally been diluted. If the profits are gone, the funds will be difficult, and funding difficulties will easily lead to a series of effects. From this point of view, Vision Electronics seems to be blocked by the sales market.

Lack of Industry Standards for LED Industry Standards Needs to Be Regulated

Due to the huge market potential and historical opportunities, the LED industry has been rapidly rising from the enterprise to the local government in the past two years, and it is optimistic about its bright prospects. However, the lack of standards is becoming a huge obstacle to the development of the entire industry. According to industry experts, the development of the LED industry is facing severe challenges due to the lack of standardized and standardized standardized optical components and lighting standards, as well as the unequal development of the existing equipment, work, and technology of various companies.

Faced with the LED industry's shuffling easy how to deal with?

Easystar hits the brand marketing campaign. In the aspect of brand marketing warfare, we must firstly play the card of corporate culture. This is the basis of the brand marketing campaign. Due to the low barriers to entry in the LED market, and the variety of brands involved, the levels are uneven, and consumer spending on LED displays will become more rational. Under this premise, consumers are more reliant on brands when they consume. Also pay more attention to the quality of service, due to the increasing homogeneity of products, the competition among enterprises will become more intense. Therefore, in the constant pursuit of product heterogeneity at the same time, fight the battle of brand marketing, increase the gold content of the brand, will become the first choice for all businesses. In terms of the easy-to-market marketing system, brand marketing will undoubtedly become one of the central tasks of the entire marketing system.

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