LED stage lighting future development trend

LED stage lighting future development trend According to the statistics of the High-tech LED Industry Research Institute (GLII), after years of development, the Chinese LED stage lighting market has begun to take shape. At present, there are more than 100 domestic LED stage lighting companies with a certain scale (only manufacturing enterprises, not including trading companies). In 2012, the output value of domestic LED stage lamps approached 1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of more than 20 %.

LED stage lights mainly include LED par light, LED pattern effect light, LED moving head light, LED strobe light, and Other applications such as bars, discos, dance halls, television studios, KTV rooms and various types of stage.

Due to the superiority of LED lighting itself, LED stage lights have gradually gained recognition from the market, and market demand has also grown rapidly in recent years.

Market growth rate will reach 20%

In 2012, the annual output value of China's LED stage lighting market reached 960 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 23%. Compared with 2011, although the growth rate of market size has declined, it is still in a rapid growth trend. GLII expects that with the continuous maturation of LED lighting technology, the price of LED stage lamps will continue to decline. In the next few years, the Chinese LED stage lighting market is expected to grow at a rate of about 20%.

Compared with traditional stage lights using tungsten halogen lamps and gas discharge lamps as light sources, LED stage lights have many advantages. It is precisely because of these advantages that the Chinese LED stage lighting market can continue to develop rapidly.

LED stage lights mainly have the following advantages:

1. Energy-saving and efficient. Under the same light effect, a few kilowatts of traditional stage lights can be replaced with hundreds of watts of LED stage lights, and because LED has less heat radiation, the efficiency of converting electric energy into light energy is higher.

2. Colorful and rich. The light beams of various colors and brightness can be combined by the red, green and blue three-color LEDs.

3. Long life. Conventional halogen lamps and other traditional stage lights last only a few thousand hours at most, and LED stage lights can last up to tens of thousands of hours.

4. The response time is shorter. Tungsten halogen lamps have a millisecond response time and LED lamps have a nanosecond response time.

Development space is huge

As we all know, the current LED lighting market overall penetration rate is not high, one of the most important reason is that LED lighting products are too high price - is several times the traditional lighting, or even a dozen times, so that many customers are discouraged.

Specific to the stage lights, the current average price of the traditional stage lights is several hundred dollars, and the average price of the LED stage lights is about two thousand dollars. The difference between the two is quite different, which restricts the development of the LED stage lighting market to some extent.

However, taking into account the continuous development and maturation of LED lighting technology, the continuous decline in the price of LED stage lighting, and the broad space for the LED stage lighting market brought about by the continuous development of the domestic entertainment industry, GLII believes that the future of China LED stage lighting market is good The development prospects.

The luminous efficiency of LED lights has been continuously improved. Under the same light efficiency, the energy consumption of LED stage lights will become lower and lower, and the energy-saving advantages will become more apparent. CREE announced in February this year that the company's lab LED luminous efficiency has reached 276lm/W.

Stage lighting technology continues to increase, the life of LED stage lights will gradually extend; LED stage light dimming technology continues to increase, combined with the use of related software, LED stage lights can be achieved and can be applied to a variety of stage lighting needs.

The price continues to decline. From Chart 2, it can be seen that the average ex-factory price of LED stage lights has been declining in recent years, and the decline rate in 2012 is more than 20%, which is the largest decline in the past two years.

The reasons for the price decline are: raw material prices continue to drop (LED chips, lamp beads prices continue to decline); LED technology continues to increase; market competition is fierce.

The GLII believes that the average ex-factory price of LED stage lighting will continue to decline in the future, but due to cost, its price decline will gradually slow down.

GLII expects that the average ex-factory price of LED stage lights in China in 2013 will fall below 2,000 yuan, and the price decline for the whole year will be around 16%.

According to GLII data, currently there are more than 50,000 LED spotlights commonly used in venues and television studios in the country. If the LED stage lights in each venue cost an average of 50,000 yuan, the national LED stage lamp market will be roughly estimated. More than 25 billion yuan. Compared to the current domestic LED stage lights only about 1 billion yuan in market size, the future development prospects can be expected.

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