LED lights complete the "Sky Kiss" of "God Ten" and "Tiangong"

"Shenzhou 10" and "Tiangong No. 1" made the first rendezvous and docking. The audience in front of the TV saw two glare from "God 10". These two lights are the optics for docking measurement and control. The sensor provides illumination. According to reports, the LED spotlights that illuminate the "Kiss of Space" are developed by the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Compared with the metal halide lamps used by the United States, Russia and other countries on the International Space Station, LED lamps have the advantages of energy saving, longevity and safety. According to Zhang Tao, a researcher at the Shanghai Institute of Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China is the first country to use LED lights inside and outside the spacecraft. In China, LED floodlighting has been used outside the spacecraft cabin since the beginning of the "Shenqi". During yesterday's rendezvous and docking process, the LED spotlight mounted on the “God 10” emitted two glares with a luminous efficacy of more than 100 lumens per watt, providing illumination for the optical sensor for docking measurement and control, enabling it to aim at “ The target on the Tiangong No.1 completes the precise "space kiss."

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