Smart watches are fast-changing, is it easy to set up?

Swiss watch manufacturer Tissot recently unveiled its new smart watch prototype based on T-Touch Solar Expert at Baselworld 2015; Swiss luxury watch brand TAG Heuer has announced that it will release a fusion Swiss watch avant-garde precision and modern cutting-edge electronics Technology smart watch. The addition of Swiss watch manufacturers will undoubtedly change the image of smart watches in people's minds, and with the addition of new and old forces, people will increasingly recognize the existence value of this new product. However, the inherent speed of electronic products is faster and faster, making smart watches less cost-effective when compared with traditional watches. It is a bit too extravagant to buy a watch that will cost a few years to buy.

Traditional watch manufacturers "group" push smart watches

To say that the hottest electronic consumer goods are not mobile phones or tablets, but smart watches that are fired by Apple Watch. First, Huawei Watch, followed by Watch, two highly-focused products ignited the smart watch, which was originally a tepid market. In the face of the challenges and threats of rookies, traditional watch manufacturers have also tried the water wearable market.

Recently, Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Tiger TAG Heuer announced that it is working with Google and Intel to develop a luxury smart watch. The watch will use Intel's smartwatch chipset, powered by Google's Android Wear operating system, while the case, hands, design and knobs come from Switzerland. While the international luxury brand Montblanc is unsettled, Montblanc has launched the smart watch strap e-Strap, which is a high-profile announcement to enter the smart wearable device market. Under the impact of the wave of smart watches, the head of LVMH's high-end watch brand TAG Heuer also said that TAG Heuer is ready to launch smart watch products. In addition, he also said that this watch will be completely different from the Apple Watch.

Not only that, Mondaine, Alpina, Frederique Constant revealed that they will enter the smart watch market and launch their own smart watches. These devices will be very similar, relying on the new MoTIonX open platform, which is mainly for watch manufacturers, let The latter adds a smart watch "element" to its traditional watch.

Development of the MoTIonX platform Silicon Valley's Swiss joint venture Manufacture Modules Technologies (MMT) said that more traditional watch manufacturers will join the MoTIonX platform in the near future. MMT will provide partners with PCB (printed circuit board) design, firewall upgrades, smartphone applications and cloud frameworks, so watch manufacturers will focus on pure product design.

Smart watches are also an opportunity for traditional manufacturers

The era of wearable computing is getting closer and closer to us, and major Internet and IT companies are rushing to brew their own "wearing" plans. The smart watch will become the first round of "upper body" equipment. Smart watches have become one of the main directions for the development of major manufacturers. How big is the market?

According to CowenandCompany's report, from 2014 to 2020, lifestyle and entertainment wearable devices, including multi-functional smart watches, glasses and even jewelry, will become the best-selling wearable devices in the world. And it is predicted that smart watches will be the most popular, accounting for 60% of US lifestyle and entertainment wearables sales in 2014 and 72% by 2020. Canalys estimates that global shipments of wearable bracelets will increase by 129% from 2014 to 2015 to 43.2 million units, and shipments of smart bracelets and smart watches capable of running third-party applications like AppleWatch will reach 28.2 million.

Market research firm BI Intelligence has released a forecast report on the smartwatch market, which predicts that by 2018, the total sales of global smartwatch products will reach 91.6 million. The huge market prospects have attracted many IT vendors to settle in.

In contrast, the current traditional watch manufacturers do not seem to be worried about the devastating blow of the same manufacturer Nokia. On the contrary, smart watches have huge business opportunities, which may be a good time for them to regain lost ground, even if it only has a moderate penetration rate.

Many features of smart watches are confusing

IT upstart is targeting the luxury market, and luxury brands are counterattacking the IT market. It seems that the trend of combining IT products with luxury goods is irresistible. The speed of updating technology products is very fast. Will the crystallization of the two be more sustainable?

Smart watches are only subdividing the market and transforming the mid- to low-end market. By introducing technological elements and fashion elements into the design of watches, smart watches are more energetic for young people. Smart watches are made more functional by introducing medical and health elements into the watch design. This is where we understand the meaning of "smart". From the current situation, there are still many shortcomings in smart watches, such as fuzzy positioning, poor endurance, and insufficient application scenarios, and electronic products have the characteristics of fast update and replacement.

In terms of design, traditional luxury goods have an advantage. In 2014, the appearance of smart watches returned to tradition. Both Moto360 and Apple Watch put the appearance in a very important position. At the same time, the lack of light and lack of texture have become a serious injury to smart watches. Another cruel fact is that from a practical point of view, endurance is one of the important barriers that wearable devices must cross. Similarly, if the smart watch brand can solve the problem of battery life, then the spring of the wearable device market may have come.

For the traditional watch industry, 2015 is definitely a watershed. The traditional style of play still works, but how to understand and use the Internet is a problem. At present, the smart watch field lacks revolutionary products that can change the direction of the entire industry, making it an indispensable device in people's daily lives. But if there is no such product, no matter which manufacturer, it is difficult to make a difference in the field of smart watches. When traditional watchmakers enter the wearable market, it will bring disaster or subversion, and ultimately it will depend on the market to decide everything.

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