The Development of Video Image Intelligent Analysis Technology

At present, China is in the stage of urban population gathering and rapid economic development. The public security situation is grim, and the urgency of security precautions, security monitoring, and security protection work continues to increase. Public safety technical prevention work requires strong scientific and technological support and protection. In the handling of emergencies, the detection of criminal cases, and the fight against stabilization of terrorism, video surveillance has gradually become an important resource for discovering criminal clues, collecting criminal information, and extracting criminal evidence. . Especially in the process of investigating and solving cases, video surveillance technology has become an important technical means for public security organs following criminal investigation, technical investigation, and online investigation. How to quickly access massive videos, how to quickly find valuable clues to handle cases in surveillance videos, how to automatically identify people and behaviors that endanger public safety, and how to quickly locate the behavioral trajectories in video clues, thus enhancing public security organs' rapid response, coordinated combat The ability to precisely strike and improve the dynamic prevention and control of social security has become an important issue and urgent task for maintaining public safety.

Wang Rulin

Wang Rulin is a professor and doctoral supervisor of the Information and Electronic Engineering Department of China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing). He has long been engaged in the research and teaching of smart city construction, automatic monitoring, informatization and computer applications. Participated in the formulation of more than 50 industry and national standards, completed 18 scientific research projects at home and abroad, and won two provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards. Won two national invention patents, published 5 monographs, published more than 100 papers, including 22 papers published abroad. At present, he is concurrently serving as a specially appointed expert of the Security Technical Standardization Committee (TC100) of the Ministry of Public Security, an expert member of the Expert Working Committee of the Chinese Automation Society, and a member of the Smart City Expert Committee of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

It is necessary to carry out research on intelligent analysis technology of video images

In the construction and application of video surveillance systems, there are currently problems of "invisibility, inability to adjust, difficult to extract, and slow retrieval", mainly manifested as unclear video images, difficult storage of massive information, and slow image download speeds. Technical difficulties such as the inability to play videos in different formats, difficulty in retrieving feature targets, large comparison errors in historical image search, and lack of effective tools for deep mining of video image information. To solve these problems, we need to vigorously carry out research on the intelligent analysis technology of video images. Hikvision plays an important role in the development of video image intelligent analysis technology in the development process of "digitalization, high-definition, intelligence, and networking" in the security industry. Especially when the current analog monitoring system fades out and the era of IP is coming, the value of studying video image intelligent analysis technology is more prominent.

Retrieval and summary technology is an important part of intelligent analysis of video images

Video retrieval is to retrieve the video containing a certain target according to the characteristics of the target, or find the segment containing the target from the video structure, thus greatly improving the efficiency of finding and using video resources. The basis of video retrieval is the target index and content description library obtained after video analysis and feature extraction. Through the establishment of an efficient feature description and target, content index library, and the development of fast and accurate retrieval algorithms, to achieve effective video retrieval function. Video summary mainly uses video analysis module, video image feature extraction, feature labeling and extraction of video frame elements, reconstruction processing and other technologies to perform summary processing on massive video, generate short summary files, merge multiple target elements, and have some obvious features The elements of can be quickly retrieved, the original recording of the target element can be accurately located, and the associated clue video can be found. The retrieval and summary technology is suitable for surveillance images of various conditions. The retrieval accuracy of high-definition bayonet images can reach more than 95%. It is also suitable for retrieval of ordinary standard-definition videos. Abstract technology is suitable for analysis and fusion processing of standard definition and high definition video. At present, the search and abstract technology has been basically mature and applied. At present, the vehicle feature retrieval of high-definition bayonet images is basically mature, including the retrieval and comparison of the features of vehicle contours, license plates, and other parts of the vehicle. Compared with standard-definition images, the retrieval accuracy of high-definition images will be higher. The Smart2.0 overall solution launched by Hikvision is a powerful embodiment of the latest search and abstract technology.

Intelligent analysis of video images has great application prospects in vehicle monitoring

Specifically, in the field of vehicle information extraction and detection, although the related detection and tracking algorithms have been studied for a long time, the application is mainly limited to the acquisition of traffic parameters, and special detection cameras are also required. The identification of vehicles is also mainly the detection and identification of license plates. In recent years, technical research on the detection, extraction, and recognition of more vehicle features has begun internationally, and research on the technical realization of direct real-time detection of overall vehicle flow information (such as traffic status) has been studied. Obtaining the required information about people and vehicles from video, improving the efficiency of video resource utilization, and associating video information with other public safety elements have always been hot issues in the field of video image processing and applications, especially in surveillance-based video Field of public safety management. Although research institutions at home and abroad have already achieved results in some individual technologies and some products have been put into application, the use of surveillance video is still basically at the level of manual dominance. The technology of comprehensive utilization of video images needs to be further developed. For example, the utilization rate of video and image resources for monitoring systems such as bayonet is limited. The image resources of household permits and licenses are not shared with other application systems. Outstanding video transmission, storage issues, etc.

Pedestrian detection and behavior analysis are currently hot topics of key research in multiple disciplines such as computer vision

In recent years, the video intelligent analysis products available on the market basically can only detect and analyze common and simple abnormal behaviors such as cross-border, and cannot detect more complex actions, that is, the applicability to complex scenes is weak. Research on the technology of intercepting pedestrian faces from videos for face recognition is the development direction, but it is difficult to implement and requires very strict hardware and application environments. Therefore, the application under ordinary video surveillance conditions is a new technical challenge.

Restricted by resolution and occlusion, it has always been difficult to detect the behavior of large-scale crowds

In terms of improving video utilization efficiency, video analysis and retrieval technologies have developed rapidly in recent years, but the application system is mainly a search engine for the public, not for public safety needs and application services. Therefore, on the basis of current research, combined with public safety needs, further research and development of video application technologies that meet the needs of application services, especially comprehensive video application systems, are urgent problems to be solved. Due to the rapid increase in the amount of surveillance video, it is necessary to study cloud-based retrieval technology, adopt a distributed cloud retrieval data storage solution, improve the retrieval efficiency, and can retrieve the qualified results in real time for retrieval and query.

Hikvision has been at the forefront of peers in the research and development and engineering application of intelligent analysis of video images, hoping that Hikvision will achieve greater results in its future work. It is expected that this new Hikvision touring exhibition with the theme of "Overall Simulation and Detonating the IP Era" will be of reference to the development of video image analysis technology throughout the industry.

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