Three footholds make LED display companies stand firm overseas

The number of domestic LED display manufacturers has increased sharply, and the survival pressure faced by the industry has gradually increased, making many well-known LED display manufacturers turn their attention overseas and take the road of export. Because foreign countries have higher requirements on the technology and quality of products, it has undoubtedly raised the threshold for exporting LED displays, and many of the oppressive LED display manufacturers have been defeated. For well-known manufacturers of LED displays, it is not an easy task to do a good job of exporting. It may be a key factor to stand firm in the following aspects.

First, establish a brand image <br> <br> establish a brand image takes a long time, a good brand image but also through their own to rising. For the LED display industry exports, the brand is positively related to the national image. A good brand image is very important to enhance corporate influence and cultural soft power. Brands are also the most important intangible assets of an enterprise. Many LED display manufacturers tend to focus on the scale and scale, but blind expansion will only lead to a disadvantage in the absence of core technology and brand advantages. Although the export of China's LED display screens is a glorious scene for everyone, there are also various problems behind the "pleasure".

At present, the biggest problem for manufacturers is that brand and management awareness is poor, the technology content is low, and the profit margin is very limited. The situation is not optimistic. In this regard, LED display manufacturers must firmly adhere to the road of brand economic development, establish a strong brand awareness, the pursuit of quality, pay attention to integrity. In addition to continuously improving the LED brand image and influence, it is also necessary to create an image that is in line with the public consumer psychology and enhance consumer confidence and loyalty to the LED brand. Only by making consumers become the real users and loyal supporters of the brand can they become the intangible assets of the company and establish the image of the company itself. Therefore, establishing an image of export products and winning the trust of customers is an important guarantee for the stable development of China's LED display export products.

Second, improve product quality <br> <br> In recent years, many enterprises in the export product quality are varying degrees of problems, compared with other countries, a far cry from the quality of products. LED display screens are not spared. With the rapid development of the LED industry, more and more LED display manufacturers are seeking export opportunities, and the quality problems of products gradually surfaced. Due to the wider application range, people's demand for high-efficiency products and high-quality products is also increasing. Therefore, higher requirements are placed on product quality. Chinese LED export enterprises are facing serious quality problems.

Product quality determines the value of the product. Domestic LED display screens want to gain a share in the foreign LED market, and quality is a key issue. Manufacturers should continually improve the technical content of export products. In export trade, they should raise awareness of quality management and ensure product quality; strengthen information collection to avoid losses caused by untimely information; exporting overseas, quality issues should be regarded as the primary factor, especially It is the obstacle that the entire industry is subject to the economic environment and industrial bottlenecks, and should pay more attention to product quality. Only by being responsible for quality can we win more customers' favors. Only by continuously optimizing the performance and quality of export products, and good quality control, can China's LED display enterprises occupy a place in the international market.


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