The price puzzle of COB light source

[Source: Gaogong LED's "LED Good Products" January issue (total issue 61) Wen|Xu Chaopeng] The current COB light source market, high-end products can be sold for more than 1 yuan per watt, the price range of common products is probably distributed at 0.5 Around the yuan, and some COB light sources in Zhongshan can even reach the "limit price" of 0.3 hair. The market situation is mixed. When consumers choose to purchase light source products, they must know where the cost difference is.

Through the reporter's investigation visit, the commonly used COB light source products, the proportion of their share in order of order: 1, chip; 2, gold wire; 3, glue; 4, bracket. In addition, substrate materials and production processes are also part of the COB source price.

After the previous issue of "Good Products" magazine discussed the chip, gold wire and production process factors, this issue will be discussed in the following three factors: glue, bracket and substrate. The author also hopes to use this series of articles to inspire the jade, and together with the readers to uncover the mystery of the price difference of COB light source.

Glue "Our Xinyue Optoelectronics basically uses Dow Corning's glue. Take COB package light source as an example. We use the model 6550 glue. The unit price is about 4,000 yuan per kilogram, but the ordinary Dow Corning fluorescent glue also has 1,000 yuan. Left and right." Zou Yiming, general manager of Shenzhen Xinyue Photoelectric Co., Ltd. said.

It is understood that the current price of glue on the market is uneven, and imported glue is generally 3-4 times more expensive than domestic glue. Taking domestic glue as an example, the high-fold glue applied to the COB package light source is about 1000 yuan, and the low-fold glue is generally distributed in the price range of 200-500 yuan, and even worse, there are less than 100 yuan per market. Kilograms of glue appeared.

"At present, the COB light source on the market is mostly used in low-fold glue. The cheap one is about 100 yuan, and the expensive one is about 500 yuan. Take our current COB glue shipment as an example, and distribute it in the range of 200-500 yuan. There will be more. At the same time, the product of this price range is also the most common in the current market.” He Daxian, general manager of LED Business Department of Guangdong Hengda New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. told reporters.

However, judging from the current development situation of the industry, there are still some COB packaging manufacturers on the market that do not pay much attention to the quality of light source products. Take some manufacturers in Zhongshan as an example. They completely ignore the quality of the products and pursue low-cost one by one, so there will be such glues as below 100 yuan.

"In fact, there are many glues with a unit price of less than 200 yuan. These glue manufacturers do not have the ability to independently research and develop. They all take the formula of others and directly produce and ship them. They do not consider the matching of glue in the processing process. Matching, and the lack of attention in these details will eventually form a fatal flaw in the finished light source." Ding Xiaowei, general manager of Shenzhen Anpin Silicone Materials Co., Ltd. mentioned.

"In fact, the biggest problem with COB light source is that there will be a dead light for a long time. Low-quality glue will cause cracking of the product. Therefore, I think the glue should focus on high temperature resistance and continuous stability, and this is also our Glue manufacturers focused on the direction of R&D in the later stage,” said Dai Xin, general manager of Dongguan Anmei Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

<br> <br> stent LED package currently in session, the key price difference depends on the material of the stent, and the current primary scaffold materials PPA, PCT, and EMC. In addition, the reporter also learned that the plating process of the bracket, that is, the thickness of the silver layer also affects the cost of the bracket in the packaging process to some extent, but it is not considered because it is too small.

"The shell bracket of the light source product accounts for about 10-20 points of the cost distribution. Taking the patch type 2835 device as an example (the COB light source is difficult to find a unified standard, so the patch type light source is used for explanation), the price of the bracket The conventional PPA material is about 10 yuan, the PCT material is about 30 yuan, and the EMC material with higher unit price, the product cost is from low to high, which is in turn rising." Zhang Lei, director of strategic research and development of Shenzhen Jingtai Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. .

According to the reporter's understanding, the current mainstream of the light source devices, the current market is the use of PPA materials, including some of the current domestic packaging manufacturers, with Guoxing, Wanrun, Hongli as an example, they also use the packaging light source to use PPA The leading stent. Secondly, in some areas that are slightly higher than the lighting field, such as the TV backlight field, this aspect will involve PCT materials, and secondly, the increasingly active EMC materials used in high-power lighting in recent years.

“Although the price of the bracket varies depending on the material, the price will be different. In fact, there will be high and low end of the same type of bracket. Take the current 3528 device as an example. The market is generally priced at around 13-15 yuan. The low-end basic control costs around 5-6 yuan, basically high-end to the low end, about double the price." Zhang Zhongfeng, deputy general manager of Anhui Zhongzhi Light Source Technology Co., Ltd. mentioned.

"For packaging companies, the current market is mainly to pursue the brightness of the bracket, because if the bracket brightness is high enough, the package factory can reduce the grade of the chip on the same specification chip to save the cost in the packaging process. In the packaged device, the price ratio is the highest. Of course, the stability of the bracket is also a non-negligible aspect, because it involves the consistency of the quality of the entire light source." Zhang Changfeng said.

The substrate “currently applied to the substrate of COB light source, the price difference is mainly reflected in the domestic and imported points. The price difference of domestic substrate materials is not big, but if the imported substrate is used, the price will be about 40% higher.” Zhejiang Yuanda Electronic Development Co., Ltd. Lu Dawei, chief engineer of the company, said that most of the imported substrates are matched with foreign light source products, such as Philips and Panasonic. At the same time, the domestic substrate field, high-end contrast low-end, the price will be 2-3 times.

According to the reporter, the main factors that currently cause different prices in the substrate market are the differences in raw materials used. For example, the current market is mainly divided into aluminum substrate, ceramic substrate and copper substrate. At the same time, on the basis of ordinary aluminum substrate, the mirror market aluminum substrate is gradually proliferated in the current market.

"Aluminum-based, ceramic-based, and copper-based are the most expensive copper bases, but copper substrates are currently rare on the market, and their price is too high, resulting in low cost performance. Ceramic base is slightly more than aluminum. Expensive, and the most widely used in the market should be aluminum-based, but the market is currently developing ceramic substrates, and its cost is gradually decreasing." Lu Dawei said that according to the current, the general cost of ceramic substrates is about 600 yuan per Squared, while the aluminum substrate is about 400 yuan per square.

“Normally, ceramic substrates are relatively thin on the surface, and a silver paste needs to be printed on them. This will also increase the cost of ceramic substrates invisibly. The price of silver has generally increased this year, from 2-3 yuan per gram. , rising to the current 7-8 yuan per gram, the cost of silver paste rose. But in comparison, the price of ceramic itself is gradually decreasing, and silver paste also plays a significant role in the price ratio of ceramic substrates. Lu Dawei mentioned that the market share of ceramic substrates will gradually expand in the future, but at the same time, the overall market of substrates will usher in further cost compression.

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