10.14 Quote: Le Pro3 broke the official website price of 1782 yuan

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Note:" "As the key recommendation, the recent decline in value or larger products. ↑ prices Price reduction

October 14 Hot Mobile Phone Quotes Apple Mobile

The Hong Kong version of the iPhone enjoys an official warranty service that is indistinguishable from the Bank of China. In most cases, the price is lower than that of the Bank of China. It is recommended that you choose the Hong Kong version.
iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, 6 Plus no longer recommend buying
IPhone 7 Bank currently has sufficient cash, lower than the Hong Kong version

iPhone SE
16GB port Gold/silver/gray/powder 2699 yuan
64GB port Gold/silver/gray/powder from 3358 yuan to view iPhone 6s 32GB Hong Kong gold/silver/gray/powder 4088 yuan
64GB port Gold / silver / gray / pink 4788 yuan view ↑
128GB Hong Kong Gold / Silver / Grey / Powder 5388 yuan View iPhone 6s Plus 64GB Hong Kong Gold / Silver / Grey / Powder 5288 yuan View
128GB Hong Kong Gold/Silver/Gray/Powder 6068 yuan
iPhone 7 32GB line
Gold/Silver/Black/Powder $5088 View
128GB line Gold/silver/black/powder from 5688 yuan

Bright black 6235 yuan View
256GB gold/silver/black/powder from 6768 yuan

Bright black 7688 yuan View ↑ iPhone 7 Plus 32GB gold/silver/black/powder from 6458 yuan View ↑
128GB gold/silver/black/powder from 7318 yuan

Bright black 8168 yuan View
256GB gold/silver/black/powder from 7908 yuan

Bright black 9868 yuan View ↑

Samsung mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Note7 has been completely off the shelf, the current Samsung Galaxy S7 edge prices have risen in a small area.
Samsung S7 Mobile Custom 4G (G9308) Gold 3329 yuan View
White 3405 yuan View All Netcom 4G (G9300) Gold 3,615 yuan View
White 3709 yuan View
Black 3989 yuan View ↑

Samsung S7 edge

Full Netcom 4G (G9350)

Gold 4478 yuan View ↑ black 4525 yuan View ↑ white 4557 yuan View ↑ 银 4557 元 View ↑

Full Netcom 4G (G9350)

Gold 5168 yuan View
Black 5198 yuan View
Samsung Note7 ( down )
Netcom 4G (N9300)
Gold 4999 yuan View Black 5399 yuan View Blue 5988 yuan View Samsung S6 Telecom 4G (G9209) Gold 2400 yuan View Black 2400 yuan View White 2400 yuan View Mobile 4G (G9208) Gold 2400 yuan View Black 2400 Yuan View White 2400 Yuan View Full Netcom 4G (G9200)
Gold 2700 Yuan View Black 2800 Yuan View White 2750 Yuan View Samsung S6 edge

Full Netcom 4G (G9250 )

White 3590 Yuan View Gold 3727 Yuan View Black 3690 Yuan View

Full Netcom 4G (G9250 )

White 3858 View Gold 3840 View Black 3770 View Samsung Note5 Full Netcom 4G (N9200) Gold 3520 View White 3420 View

Millet mobile phone

Millet 5s

Silver 1999 yuan View
4+128GB Silver 2499 RMB View Millet 5s Plus 4+64GB
Gold 2369 yuan View
6+128GB Gold 2819 yuan View Millet 5 3+32GB White 1598 Yuan View Gold 1613 Yuan View 3+64GB
Black 1873 yuan View ↑
White 1768 yuan View Gold 1813 View 4+128GB Black 2393 View White 2267 yuan View Millet Max
2+16GB gold 1005 yuan check silver 1019 yuan check 3+32GB gold 1255 yuan check silver 1215 yuan check gray 1233 yuan 4+128GB Gold 1775 Yuan View
Grey 1775 yuan View

Meizu Mobile Phone Meizu PRO6
32GB Gold 1825 Yuan View Silver 1876 Yuan View
Black 1815 View Pink 1815 View
64GB Gold 2799 Yuan View Powder 2699 Yuan View Black 2699 Yuan View Meizu MX6 3+32GB Gold 1455 Yuan View Powder 1495 Yuan View 4+32GB Gold 1559 Yuan View Silver 1639 Yuan View Grey 1599 Yuan View Powder 1585 Yuan View Meizu PRO5 32GB Gold 1959 Meta View Grey 1765 RMB View Silver Black 1989 RMB View Silver 1759 RMB View 64GB Overall Out of Stock Charm Blue E
32GB Gold 1199 Yuan View Silver 1159 Yuan View Grey 1119 Yuan View Charm Blue Max 64GB
Gold 1402 View Silver 1339 View Charm Blue Note3 16GB Gold 845 View Silver 799 Yuan View Grey 815 Yuan View
Gold 1029 yuan View Silver 988 yuan View Grey 985 yuan View

LeTV Mobile LeTV's latest flagship music Pro3 fell below the official website for the first time today
Le Pro3 4+32GB
1782 yuan to view 6+64GB 2099 yuan View
4+64GB Zhang Yimou Edition 2155 yuan View Le Max2 4+32GB
Gold 1339 yuan View Grey 1466 yuan View 6+64GB
Gold 2375 yuan View ↑
Original Force Gold 2338 Yuan View 6+128GB Force 2668 Yuan View Le 2 Pro 4+32GB
Gold 1235 yuan View music 2 3+32GB Force gold 1099 yuan View

Huawei Mobile Phone Huawei P9

Mobile 4 G 3+32GB

Silver 2455 yuan View Niobium Titanium Silver 2509 yuan View Streaming Gold 3600 yuan View Unicom 4G 3+32GB Silver 2535 View Titanium silver 2545 yuan View Flow of gold 3600 yuan View full Netcom 4G 3+32GB Silver 2726 yuan View titanium silver 2735 yuan View ↑流光金 2625 View Full Netcom 4+64GB Gold 3172 yuan View Ceramic white 3285 yuan View rose gold 3436 yuan View Huawei P9 Plus Full Netcom 4+64GB
Gold 3736 yuan View ceramic white 3828 yuan View Huawei Mate 8
Mobile 4G 3+32GB Moonlight Silver 2093 View Cloud 2096 RMB View Full Netcom 4G 3+32GB Moonlight Silver 2326 View Champagne Gold 2544 View Full Netcom 4+64GB Mochajin 2683 View Champagne Gold 3399 View Glory 8 3+ 32GB Gold 1998 RMB View
White 1985 View
Streamer Gold 2499 View
4+64GB Pearl White 2799 View

Charm Hailan 3099 yuan View

Streamer Gold 2799 View

OPPO, vivo phone OPPO R9 64GB gold 2499 yuan view rose gold 2499 yuan
OPPO R9 Plus 64GB Gold 2999 View Rose Gold 2999 View vivo X7
64GB Gold 2498 RMB View Rose Gold 2498 RMB View 128GB Blackstone 2798 RMB Out of stock
Vivo X7 Plus 64GB Gold 2798 View Rose Gold 2798 View

Other plus one mobile phone 3 6+64GB
Gold $2,955 View ↑
Gray 2929 yuan View hammer T2 16GB 1699 yuan View 32GB 1699 yuan View hammer T1 16GB 959 yuan to view
32GB 1059 yuan View Lenovo ZUK Z2 4+64GB White 1399 yuan View Black 1456 yuan View Lenovo ZUK Pro 4+64GB Ceramic white 2299 yuan View 6+128GB Ceramic white 2676 yuan View titanium crystal black 2676 yuan View Nubian Z11 mini Full Netcom 4G
Black 1329 yuan View White 1369 yuan View Gold 1349 yuan View Nubian Z11 Max
Full Netcom 4G CRO Collector's Edition 2220 yuan View Silver 1988 yuan View Streamer Gold 1788 yuan View Nubian Z11 4+64GB Gold 2499 View Silver 2549 yuan View Grey 2649 yuan View

The mobile phone product price changes frequently, and the real-time price shall prevail when ordering.