Save money and save space, micro whale cannon 43 inch 4K TV portrait experience to get started

To be honest, there are fewer and fewer families buying 43-inch TVs, because the prices of large-size TVs are getting lower and lower. Coupled with the impact of home projectors, the attention of small-size TVs has gradually decreased, but not everyone has. The large living room lays down the big TV, not everyone is a rich person to buy thousands of lumens of projectors, so 43-inch TVs have the advantage of low prices and small space.

The micro-whale 43-inch TV is called the "small steel cannon" (model: WTV43K1J). It seems to me that at least the price is affordable, the effect is obvious, and the compactness is worthy of recognition for its "small steel cannon". Take a detailed assessment of it and see if you will appreciate its details.

The overall appearance is not dazzling but the details are worthy of recognition

There are countless TV brands, such as old-branded Hisense, Changhong, or rookie, LeTV, Xiaomi, and micro-whales. Despite the large number of TV brands, TVs that can leave people with deep impressions don't have many appearances. "like", mostly for the Founder screen plus two outward base, the overall appearance of the Little Whale Cannon (WTV43K1) is basically the same as the TV set on the market, and the appearance from the front does not feel much different from other brands.

Therefore, to know the strength of a smart TV has to look at the details of work. After comparing his family’s Hisense TV for comparison, it’s clear from the picture that the 43-inch cannon is thinner than the other TV set, and is about 3/4 the thickness of a five-prong coin, giving me a first impression. Excellent and more stylish.

The front of the fuselage uses ultra-narrow frame design, screen ratio is extremely high, compared to other TVs, the bottom border of the rose gold color added to the overall appearance of many color enhancement, when the screen is not so monotonous, despite the low of 16 yuan Price, but can provide a simple, atmospheric feeling.

The front frame has a brushed texture process. Officially called the high-gloss steam mill + wire-cut etching pattern, I feel that even though the name is very tall, I still can't get rid of the fact that the front frame is a plastic material. However, in combination with the market, the front frame of the TV is made of plastic material, and the small whale 43-inch cannon is certainly less likely to be contaminated with fingerprints and dust in plastic materials.

Since we talked about the details may also wish to understand the base, the base of the small whale 43 inch cannon used the current mainstream herringbone base, the first advantage is to occupy a small space, a higher degree of appearance, and the base of the cannon is used The nano-sprayed metal paint has no obvious graininess and is more matched with the bottom frame, and has a more beautiful appearance.

The details of the outline have many surprises. Here are two points.

1, its button. The vast majority of smart TV keys still retain the key layout of more than ten years ago, designed as a one-by-one key arrangement (Figure 1), and the micro whale 43-inch cannon method is to do the TV button Become the same as the arrow keys on the remote control, operation and aesthetics to a higher level.

2. Sound. HiFi audio can bring better audio-visual effects, while Cannon has an excellent sound system, with passive bass radiation enhancement technology at the top and ingot-type treble diffusion technology at the bottom, but the disadvantages are also obvious. HiFi audio makes the thickness clear Increased, apparently "bottomed hip" at the bottom of the back.

The richness of the interface of smart TVs is notable, and the micro-whale TV is equally outstanding. It is worth mentioning that it has a 2×USB3.0 interface, 2*HDMI2.0, 1×SPDIF, 1XUART, and the most eye-catching is the whale TV interface. The layout design, L-shaped, not only avoids over-concentration of interfaces, but also avoids wiring clutter.

Simple and complete with a sense of simplicity

Little whale 43-inch cannon accessories are not particularly big surprises. Power cords, manuals/warranty cards, and hex wrenches are more carefully equipped with several screws.

Originally thought that the remote control is not necessary to mention, but see the compact shape, simple key position is still very beautiful, but you do not have to accept it is slightly smaller, sometimes easy to "hide", and functionally provided Voice Assistant, high recognition, easy to use for the elderly.

Bluetooth connection remote control, no dead ends operation.

Color is more comfortable for living

Whether a TV is good or bad depends on whether or not you have worked on the screen. The small whale 43-inch cannon uses the original 4K hard screen imported from LG, and then takes pictures to speak.

We first tested the effect in the black environment. The display effect of the small whale 43-inch cannon was close to the original image, and there was no phenomenon of light leakage, yellow screen or yin and yang screen. The boundary of the hair was clear, the warm light color was vivid, 4K resolution The rate of +43 inches achieves a higher PPI detail, and the picture will be better than the large 4K TV.

In addition, 1080P network high-definition programs still maintain high-detailed and high-color effects in the playback of micro-whale cannons. 60 frames per second decoding and watching 4K movies are not smooth, and there are no picture drifts and stalls.

The small whale 43-inch cannons kept their super 4K pictures taken with a camera. The performance of color saturation and color reproduction was relatively good. The effect of the LG hard screen was also trustworthy.

In actual use, whether it is a movie, high-definition program or picture color display is very good, a good visual angle, to 178 degrees to achieve a true all-round.

In addition, the micro whale's display function is very comprehensive, especially the self-developed dynamic backlight, when the ambient light is sufficient, the screen automatically raises the brightness, and when the darkness decreases, the brightness protects the eyes and approaches the automatic adjustment in the mobile phone.

(Full of light)

(weak light real shot)

Supporting color temperature adjustment plus seven modes (standard mode/movie mode/brilliant mode/sport mode/game mode/monitor mode/custom mode), we can see that the micro whale exerts great efforts on the display effect.

System UI is very neutral

TV system interface to achieve "concise, good-looking, fresh, with brand features" is the user's favorite style, whether the small whale cannon?

Turn on the TV to see the system UI and completely subvert my imagination, before I would think that the micro whale brand will favor stable, business, but in front of the Q version of the magnet, the object card call, in addition to giving a small fresh impression , The function classification on the left side and the content selection on the right side, users will be able to get started quickly. The UI of the micro-whale seems to concise the "children's model" of other brands, and it gives a great impression from the start.

Classification and application items, the style is highly unified, gives the taste slightly like the optimized version of the Windows magnet cartoon, have to say it is beautiful, it is difficult to find the same or similar style on other television.

Each tile has been beautified, and most of the content is on the left side of the classification of the right side of the content, of course, it is beautiful, but there is also a drawback, the elderly home may be slightly smaller font.

The self-contained application market has a high degree of richness, and most of the commonly used third-party APPs are built. In particular, the installed machine must have amazing results. After opening a game, the various applications are arranged in a big picture, and the effect is amazing, even as a poster.

Again, one of the major features built into the Micro Whale TV has to be mentioned. It is the voice assistant.

The voice assistant has a high degree of recognition at home. The best moment is to speak a voice command to show the user's needs through a small window. After several times of test and play, there are nine times of ten times to successfully identify and most recommend the latest content, compared to nothing. With the mobile phone voice assistant, the utility of the micro whales is stronger and more obvious.

What's even more surprising to me is that GM specifically added the classification of mobile assistants and supported the binding of Taobao accounts.

Smooth and smooth performance entertainment

Equipped with 64-bit A53 quad-core 1.4GHZ CPU, ARMMali-450MP4 (4+2 core) graphics processor, 1.5GB DDR3 memory and 8GB flash memory.

Playing video games for a good few years is definitely a good thing, but I think the more important entertainment experience is also reflected in the customization effect of UI.

Video Resources

The content richness is very important, even the key value of the TV is not worth buying. From old movies to new movies, and weekly animation resources, micro whale has several categories of content on the content. The most critical thing is that it updates quickly and receives new content every day.

“On the video resources, the micro-whale integrates Ali, Tencent, CMC, and packaged Mango TV programs. Currently, it has recorded more than 8,500 movies and 100,000 episodes of TV drama resources. In 2015, 100% of movie theaters were filmed, and over 90% of them were Hot TV shows and strong variety shows can be seen on micro-whale TVs." Resources are indeed very alarming figures.

The 16-year-old gentleman, the 15-year-old rider, and the Wufuxing star who had been a long time ago are all integrated. Of course, the vast majority of the latest film resources are for members, so the content of the micro-whale is not worse than the third-party software, but the key is also It depends on whether you have paid for it.

Entertainment features

The richer the entertainment content is, the more praiseworthy it is, so the micro-whales pay special attention on the main page, for example, the homepage joins various lists.

With great effort in entertainment content, the ability to integrate micro whale is very strong. You can automatically follow Ta when you open the celebrity list. What is more interesting is that you can directly read the microblog comment.

The music content is also very rich, the iTunes list, the United States announcement list, radio readily available, popular and popular songs before can be heard.

I prefer the application of the Little Whale HiFi Music. When I play the song I choose, I also display the related music video of the singer on the left side. If I'm bored, there is a better choice. I like the human whale UI.


The micro-whale is a rookie of the TV industry, but it has made great efforts in all aspects. The first is the low price, the second is the excellent screen, and the third is the strong system personality, so the micro-whale cannon is definitely It is my most likely choice in the 43-inch TV. The mainstream configuration can also guarantee the smoothness and stability I use in a few years.

There are advantages and disadvantages of the product. The accessories included in the 43-inch 4K TV are just good enough, but this does not affect the use. The value is not worth buying but also depends on your choices and needs.

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