Aba-machi UFO Parenting Spacecraft belongs to the child's high-tech early childhood companionship

As the earliest known children's smart watch brand, Aba Town has been recognized by a large number of consumers for its excellent product design and good product reputation. It is a child intelligence that has been well-known before the launch of smart watches such as the 360 ​​and the little genius. Wear the brand. While everyone is still scrambling for the cake in the children's watch market, Aba Town has turned its sights to another area of ​​the children's market, with child safety protection and smart companionship. A new product with the same shape as UFO spacecraft emerges quietly. As a new generation product of Aba Town, it has a cool appearance, built-in rich and varied entertainment learning resources, and equipped with the latest intelligent voice control, not only can you and your baby's intelligence Chatting can also be a bridge between baby and parents. This makes it increasingly stressful that the parent-child relationship is alleviated because of the accelerated pace of life.

The author was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to experience this new product. How about the new product named Abamachi UFO Parenting Spacecraft?

Unpacking and appearance

As a child care product, a cute eye-catching appearance is essential, after all, it must be liked and accepted by the child first; secondly, it must also have a healthy material and safety design for parents to accept. Aba Town UFO parent-child spaceship uses a square box. The window design allows children to see the cute appearance of the spaceship at first glance. The surrounding of the box is accompanied by cute cartoon characters such as the sun, planets, rockets and stars. The scene is soaring in space. This design not only makes children happy at first sight, but parents also have a little scruples.

The package is opened with a clamshell lid. After opening, we can see that the Abacho spacecraft is placed in a plastic buffer mold, effectively ensuring the safety of the product during transportation. In addition, there are details that are rarely seen in other products. That is, the buffer mold is tilted and open. We can see in the front that the spacecraft can fly in space with a perfect flying arc. this.

Accessories Abacho spacecraft can be said to be very simple, only a charging adapter and a data line, which is a common configuration of smart digital products. In addition to the accessories box, there is also a file book printed with Aba Town Logo under the spacecraft. It contains a product specification, a certificate, and a warranty card.

Aba Town UFO parent-child spacecraft is a very common spaceship model for children's cartoons. The colors are bright yellow and blue, with simple and lovely design. However, the simplicity is minimalistic. The portholes, the cab, the side of the ship, and the engine of the spacecraft are all quite a few. They are very much in favor of the children.

In terms of material, Aba Town UFO parent-child spaceship uses ABS plastic material, the body has no angular design, and add anti-slip rubber pads on the left and right sides, easy for baby to grasp while playing, although the size ofmm UFO parent-child space is not small, but In fact, it is very light and children can easily grasp and play.

The Aba-machi UFO parent-child space ship has a 3.5-inch screen for children, but if you look at the screen area, there is no difference from the parent's daily use of the mobile phone. It is only that the Aba-machi UFO parent-child space ship is focused on the children's enlightenment, education, and emotional development in addition to making calls and chatting socially. The screen, which is not large, is the window of interaction between Aba-machi and the baby.

Aba-cho's screen is a TFT-type touch screen with a resolution of 480,320. It uses the three touch buttons at the bottom of the screen to work with the surrounding physical buttons. I do not know is not because of the engineering machine's sake, parent-child space in the performance of the screen is not very good, the quality of clarity still needs to be improved, after all, the baby's daily toys, clear eye screen will be more welcomed by the baby and parents .

Looking closer, at the top of the screen of the Aba-machi UFO parent-child spacecraft, a camera is designed with a 200-W pixel configuration for video chatting and video shooting under the surveillance function. The children's smart watch Aba-cho UFO parent-child spaceship has obviously improved a grade.

The left side buttons of Aba-machi UFO parent-child spaceship are volume plus/minus keys and voice buttons. The baby can realize voice interaction with the spacecraft through voice buttons. The functions such as playing songs, on-demand stories, and some on/off and alarm settings can be performed through voice commands. operating.

The buttons on the right side are mainly used to control the playing of spacecraft music and stories. Through these three function keys, the up and down song can be switched and played and paused. Such a commonly used function is not unfamiliar to children.

The opening and closing keys of the Aba-cho UFO parent-child spacecraft are set at the bottom of the screen, and the arc that the screen fits with is very beautiful. In addition to the switch, the key is also responsible for the information screen. However, due to the location design under the three touch keys, the child is more likely to touch the key during operation, resulting in an information screen, and the individual feels that the design is better on the side or on the upper side.

The power engine on both sides of the tail of the spacecraft is very detailed and the turbofan is full of three-dimensional. In fact, the inside of the fan has a built-in hi-fi speaker, which is the speaker of the UFO parent-child spacecraft in Aba Town. The double-speaker design makes the sound of the spacecraft very good.

The two speakers of the spaceship (from this perspective, the parent-child ship looks like a small wooden car).

The bottom of the spacecraft was slightly “messy” compared to the front, and the 11 screw holes were a little dense and fearful. The surprise was that the Aba-cho was carefully designed with a spaceship door at the bottom. On the upper side of the door is a small "sealed compartment", which is fastened with a simple knob screw. The inside is the card slot of the TF card and the SIM card. Five silicone feet are also designed around the fuselage to ensure that the spacecraft can be placed at a reasonable angle, avoiding slippage.

Ordinary household screwdrivers or thinner patches can be used to easily open the sealed compartment of the spacecraft. A 8GB memory card (up to 32G) is pre-configured in Aba-cho, and the SIM card is on the lower side because the spacecraft There is a lot of space, so the card has been chosen calmly. With the support of a SIM card, the spacecraft can maintain normal contact with the parents of the child without a WIFI network, which is not a common child care product.

The charging port and microphone of Abamachi UFO parent-child spacecraft are designed on the front side of the underside of the fuselage, and the charging port is the most common Micro-USB port. The small hole next to the charging port is the microphone of the product for voice communication and Voice recording, but also supports very interesting magic sound function. And although the sound hole is designed at the bottom of the spacecraft, the sound pickup effect is still very good and the sound recording is very clear.

There are two hidden LED lights on the front side of the spacecraft. When the power of the spacecraft is about to run out, two red LED lights will flash to remind the user that he should add energy to the spacecraft. Aba-cho UFO parent-child spacecraft built-in 2200mAh capacity polymer battery, can basically meet the needs of good children 2-3 days of use, endurance performance is still very awesome.

System and function

As a child care product, the system and function of Aba-machi UFO parent-child spacecraft have been set and improved according to children's interests and needs. Therefore, the system is not a common mobile phone system, but is based on Android 5.1 system depth customization. The cute cartoon image and simulated cockpit scene design makes the UFO parent-child spacecraft attractive to children.

Hardware configuration Aba-machi UFO parent-child spacecraft uses MT6580M processor, 512M memory, 4GB body storage. To tell you the truth, whether it is a processor or running memory is not very awesome, but this spacecraft is not a mobile phone after all. Thanks to the streamlined system, the Aba Town UFO parent-child spacecraft is still relatively smooth to operate. Except for the buffered progress bar, no stalling occurred. However, I hereby recommend that Aba Town upgrade its storage to more than 1G, so that it can effectively increase multitasking capabilities, and it can also be more easily dealt with after installing some software later.

The main page of the Aba-machi UFO parent-child spacecraft is a simulation of the cockpit screen. Touching the characters and parts in the scene will have corresponding feedback or enter into the setting function. It is similar to the Tom Cat game that children like very much, such as clicking the headphone icon on the interface to enter the story. House, the camera icon enters the animation room, clicks the back side computer to enter the video call and so on, in addition clicks the person in the picture also to have the interesting feedback, clicks on the football then may enter the simple kicking game, such design child likes very much , but also more convenient feature selection.

In addition to the convenient selection in the scene, most functions of Aba-machi UFO parent-child spaceship are placed in the function panel on the lower side of the screen. After clicking, you can select, including listening to stories, watching videos, making phone calls, and video chat. Local features, magic sounds, alarm clocks, spaceships, objects, accompanied readings, and recordings total 11 function options. Is the function of Aba-machi not very effective? Of course, I think that these functions actually can be simplified and combined. Together, if you can reduce the function icons to two groups of eight may be better in operation.

Listen to the story interface

Watch the video interface

For children, the most used and favorite functions are surely to listen to stories and videos. Aba Town integrates a great deal of children’s teaching resources in these two functions. Among them, the stories are mainly based on the Himalayan FM platform. The famous "Pocket Tales" and "Ear Grinding Ears" are all included, and watching video functions is awesome. Almost all of the children's animation resources are included. Abundant and complete resources are suitable for children of all ages and preferences. In addition, the network resources in Aba-cho are supported for downloading to the local, that is, the local video function, so that the baby can watch in an off-line environment.

However, it is worth saying that in the case of the normal placement of the UFO parent-child spacecraft in Aba-cho, the video playback interface is small, and the viewing angle is limited. If the spacecraft can be placed upright, the screen will be played in full screen, and it will be easy to watch. Many times, but at this time, it is difficult for the spacecraft to maintain its own balance. It would be much better if Aba Town can provide vertical support.

In addition, the Aba-machi UFO Parenting Spaceship also has English-language companionship for older children. It covers all classes for preschool children's English and elementary school English, and English companionship with textbooks is very important for children in school. It helps to correct and train children's English pronunciation. It is also a great savior for parents who are poor at English and cannot coach their children. It is a very good function.

The call function, this need not say more, whether it is to answer or make a call and the current mobile phone performance is the same, in fact, Aba Township to a certain extent is equivalent to parents equipped with a cell phone for children, but is The function of this phone is more targeted.

In terms of game entertainment, Aba-machi UFO parent-child spacecraft designed two interesting games called "Spacecraft Wars" and "Recognition". Among them, "Spaceship Wars" is a purely entertaining game in which children use gravity sensors to operate spacecraft to attack enemy aircraft. "Imaginative" is a fun puzzle game for younger children. Through the identification of animals and plants, Chinese characters, English and other kinds of pictures to achieve the purpose of learning to play.

In addition to the built-in App on the Aba-machi UFO parent-child spacecraft, Aba-machi has further opened App permissions to support the installation and use of QQ, WeChat and other social software as well as child-related apps such as Little companion dragons and babies. There is not much difference between the software and the mobile phone, which further increases and enriches the function of the product.

In addition, Aba-machi UFO parent-child spacecraft also has fun or practical features such as magic sound, recording, and alarm clock. Since the function is relatively simple, we will not go into details here. Let's take a look at the Auba Town UFO parent-child spacecraft on the mobile phone App. Features.

App usage introduction

Aba-machi UFO Parenting Spaceship can be said to be a child's client. If parents want to get in touch with their children when they are not with their children, they have to rely on Aba-cho's App—love to follow. The user can download through the QR code behind the machine. After the installation, the aircraft is bound to enter the spacecraft's functional interface according to the instructions. The spacecraft App includes interactive chat, video surveillance, anti-obsession, and mission planning functions.

In addition to the main functional interface, App also designed an information interface for pushing information articles on baby education and training, health knowledge content, etc. Parents can read and study in their spare time, how to educate their children, cultivate their children's good habits, and care for their children's health. This aspect has a very positive significance. The discovery interface includes the functions of seeking medical advice, asking for drugs and listening to stories. If a child is ill or has a health problem, he or she can ask the online doctor on this page for help. The last one is the personal settings interface, which contains some personal information and settings.

The interactive chat function and monitoring function are basically similar functions, except that the monitoring function only transmits the information of the children, and the effect is basically the same as the QQ video that we usually use. However, it may be due to the fact that the technology is not mature and the current experience is not very good. Caton, Huaping, noise and other issues have emerged, and look forward to improvement after the official listing. Anti-obsession function, good habit function, and task planning function are also very simple. The setting of anti-obsession function is very necessary. It can effectively prevent children from overusing the spacecraft and cause problems such as visual fatigue and lack of exercise. It can also be used for the baby's health. It helps a lot.

The storytelling function of the mobile phone App is a function of playing a story on the mobile phone and cannot be pushed to the spacecraft. It is mainly used to play stories for children when the spaceship is not around or unable to use it. The content is the same as the spacecraft. It is very rich. If Baobaobaoma can make good use of these resources, it will help the children's learning and life.


As a brand with many years of children's smart wearable product R&D experience, Aba-cho is familiar with both product appearance and function design. Cool shape of the spacecraft, safe and harmless design, similar to the mobile phone's screen is very attractive to children. The massive amount of learning resources based on Internet technology also allows children to learn in joy, especially with the addition of the English reading function. It is to solve the problems of many parents. The video call and monitoring function communicates parents and children in real time, which not only facilitates the growth of family relationships, but also solves parents’ concerns about child safety issues. In particular, inherited the Aba-cho smart watch with the advantage of SIM card calls to fill the short board of similar products broken down. However, as a construction machine, although this baby-friendly spaceship is enjoying the fun of the baby, from the parents' point of view, the 512M of the Aba Town parent-child spaceship is slightly strained and the screen resolution has room for improvement. The function also has certain problems that need to be optimized. However, it is hard to ignore that the Aba Town parent-child spacecraft has injected fresh blood into the current single child safety escort market. It is expected that the product will be more perfect and excellent after its official listing. Returning to the topic of family and children, the author still hopes that the parents in front of the screen will spend more time to spend time with their children. After all, parental care is the best companion for the children.

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