Cool open 10 • 18 conference invitations are revealed, VR one machine will soon be released

On October 13, 2016, the VR Watch Network reporter @VR, a well-known media person in the virtual reality industry, sung a letter of invitation to cool open the VR conference in the circle of friends. The long-awaited Cool VR product was established at 10 On the 18th of the month, the first workshop of the Beijing 751D·PARK debuted.

According to the information revealed in the invitation letter, the theme of this Cool Open VR conference is "Cool Kaichi Night Brand Promotion & New Product Launch Conference." This design is different from the previous styles, highlighting the mystery of the product and the entire screen. interest in the full sense of this invitation to see, before that section of public opinion for a long time in the legend equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip platform of the latest VR-one "free to the door" is likely to come out.

Since this year we have been officially called the first year of virtual reality, VR technology has been changing with each passing day. From the blank of the beginning of the year to now, all kinds of products have emerged in an endless stream, and the content is changing with each passing day. Many well-known manufacturers have internally iterated several times before launching their products.

From the perspective of information and conceptual maps released by VR, the products brought by VR have been estimated from design to technology to be much better than we thought. Before this, we are familiar with the fact that it will carry Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, but it will be difficult to say whether the technology will continue to upgrade. After all, CooCold has always followed the path of advancing with the times. Every new product launch is beyond people's expectations.

As one of the three forms of VR, the VR all-in-one has been regarded as the ultimate form of virtual reality. Although the current PC VR is more, it is because of the limitations of the technology. In the first year of VR, many technologies have achieved breakthroughs. Even HTC's second-generation VR is said to be very likely to be wireless; while another form of box, mobile is mobile, but experience is worse than real VR. street. The third type of integrated machine has the ideal function of VR: independent terminal, networking, future software and content maturity, is a new form of computer, which also meets the characteristics of the next generation of computer platforms. As one of the most important vendors in the virtual reality industry, it is also based on these logics that Kukai VR has begun to enter the market at the beginning. Of course, the final result will take time to confirm.

At this stage, it is already the autumn harvest period of the virtual reality industry. Whether it is technology or products, the whole industry has reached a new level in the summer. The VR integrated machine equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 platform is also very mature. Cool VR products may be the best presenter for Qualcomm VR all-in-one design solutions. It also means that this will be the most anticipated VR product. , specific details and the final announcement of the 10.18 conference.