China's strongest dual camera flagship Huawei P9 for only 2455 yuan

IT168 What is worth buying If the big trend of mobile phones this year, it must be the popularity of dual cameras. Whether on the thousand dollar machine or the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus, we can see the popularity of dual cameras. In China-made mobile phones, Huawei’s P series flagship Huawei’s P9, which is Huawei’s P-Series flagship, is still the best-performing dual-camera. The P9's dual cameras are built by Leica to support large aperture, black-and-white photo shoots, and true color tuning. It is a feature camera phone. Currently in the Gome Mall, Huawei P9 has fallen below the price of 2500, the minimum is only 2455 yuan, it is worth buying.

It should be noted that there are many versions of Huawei's P9. This time, we recommend a mobile customized version that supports all of China Mobile's network standards. If you are another operator user, P9 also has a corresponding version, and the price has different rates of discount. Please pay attention to the following form.

9/1 Day Value Product Recommendation (Prices are for reference only) P9 Series Huawei P9 Mobile Edition 2455 yuan View Huawei P9 Dual Netcom Edition RMB 2525 See recent all-around models Review (sort by price) Charm blue metal 2.5D glass, ten Nuclear processor, clearance processing 649 yuan View millet 4c Andrews little prince, dragon 808, super price 699 yuan View millet Note 5.7 inch big screen, double glass, MIUI system 999 yuan View millet Max value of the big screen machine , Millet produced 1169 yuan View Huawei mate 7 Domestic big screen mythology, now fell to thousand yuan level 1320 yuan View moto X Style 5.7-inch big screen dead millet, classic 1589 yuan View ZUK Z2 cheapest Qualcomm 820 flagship, scared to death Xiaomi 1648 yuan View Millet 5 The latest flagship of millet, double-sided glass super design 1880 yuan View Meizu PRO 6 pressure touch, small screen flagship, and MX6 almost a price of 1895 yuan View
Huawei Mate 8 domestic flagship business, orders, minus 447, miserable 2153 yuan Huawei P9 Leica dual-lens view, the listed price of nearly 500 in February 2558 yuan to view Samsung S7 Andrews strongest flagship, all the way down 3,486 yuan mad to see Samsung Note 5 5.7 inch screen, smart handwriting, the final clearance 3618 yuan View

In appearance, Huawei P9 continues the previous P8 series of simple, Founder design language, making Huawei P9 has a high degree of brand recognition, at a glance you can know this is Huawei's mobile phone. The use of 2.5D glass design, while the body frame is also a certain degree of arc processing, coupled with the back shell edge of the 2.5D effect, the whole machine looks more rounded than the previous generation, these changes make Huawei P9's grip feel has been improved to some extent. With a metal body, the back emphasizes the texture of the protruding metal, retaining the exquisite detail and sheen of the material.

In terms of hardware, the Huawei P9 is equipped with a Unicorn 955 processor. Based on the performance of the previous Kirin 950, the system further increases the clock speed, has more powerful performance, and is supplemented by a 3G+32G storage portfolio, which is sufficient for everyday needs. 5.2 inches 1080p display configuration, built-in 3000mAh battery. The most critical is that the aircraft is equipped with a pair of dual-camera via Leica training, dual 12 million pixels, a black and white photoreceptor is responsible for the collection of details and outlines, and another color photoreceptor is responsible for collecting color, the two cooperative imaging, Makes P9's photographic effect has been significantly enhanced. Thanks to the help of Leica, the P9 can also achieve large apertures, black and white photos, and 徕 徕 徕 味 味 味 味 的 照片 照片 照片 照片 的 的 photos, the camera is very playable.