To the United States to the thin all-solid super-pole Acer S5 only 5219 yuan

IT168 What is worth buying to mention the value of the notebook to play, we will definitely think of fashion light, compared with the usual heavy game and the appearance of the mediocre home, the stylish thin and light appearance, body light, in the face value There is no problem in winning the game. Today, Xiao Bian brings you a fashion light and slim design that won the 2016 Red Dot Design Award. The Acer Hummingbird S5, this thin and light version is only 5,219 yuan at Gome Online. Do not miss the partner.

Today's premium product recommendation (price for reference only) Acer hummingbird S5 thinnest at only 6.3mm / all metal body / 1080P screen / 1.3kg 5219 yuan View the recent value models (in order of price) Acer ES1-331 4GB/500GB/13.3 inch compact/thin to 13mm/1.49kg 1989 yuan View Lenovo's new Air 12 m3-6Y30/4G/128G SSD/13.4mm/1.2kg 2999 yuan View Samsung Notebook9 lite i5-6200U/8G/256GB SSD /17.95mm/1.34kg 4678 yuan View Dell fuel 7000 i5-7200U/4GB/940MX/ panoramic micro frame / value peak $4799 View HP Envy13 i5-6200U/4GB/128GB SSD/12.95mm/Metal body 4899 yuan View Macbook Air 11.6 thinnest only 3mm/Core i5/4GB/128GB SSD 5688 yuan View ThinkPad Black S5 i5-6300HQ/4GB/1TB/GTX960M/FHD IPS 6499 yuan View ThinkPad T460 i5-6200U / carbon fiber alloy / splatter / 940MX/21mm 6599 yuan View ThinkPad X260 i5-6200U/8G memory / 192GB SSD / fingerprint recognition 7399 yuan View

Acer hummingbird S5

In hardware configuration, Acer Hummingbird S5 has a 13.3-inch 1080P full high-definition display, equipped with Core i5-6200U processor, equipped with 4GB of memory, 256GB SSD solid-state hard drive, as a fashion is not known for thin light, i5-6200U The performance of the processor is sufficient for daily use, and entertainment is not to mention. The most important thing is of course that the system running speed brought by the 256GB SSD all-solid-state drive is greatly improved, allowing users to start up and use without waiting. And Acer hummingbird S5 is the most impressive appearance, the thinnest thin only 6.3mm light to 1.3kg thin all-metal body, class skin coating and diamond cutting process to Acer Hummingbird S5 extraordinary texture, white and gold color is also very Eye-catching, of course, if there is a user like Yaohe black color matching, Hummingbird S5 can also meet .

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