The rise of domestic VR? "New Year's Eve KILL.X" demo version starting

PSVR has finally been released today, and many players are already eager to unpack and play. However, Xiao Bian here introduces a game that I personally paid attention to for nearly two years - "New Year's Eve KILL X". Why should you introduce this game? Not only because it was debuted on the PSVR platform today, everyone can download it for free, but also because it is a domestic game.

Released the first news of the State Bank on the producer’s Weibo today

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Let’s take a look at the video released in 2015 to learn about “New Year’s Eve KILL·X”

CJ2015 concept video

High-profile research and development process

"Domestic games" are indeed the most troublesome topic for many players; while "home-made console games" mostly remain in the stage of concept and crowdfunding, and there are few follow-up influencers. However, since 2015, Banzai Game CEO (microblogging @ days of playing games in Japan) has started to record the development log of a “codename[12]” project on Weibo, and each time the disclosed development information makes players feel Shocked, it seems that a domestic 3A masterpiece is about to emerge.

At the beginning of production, the official announcement was a project called a code[12].

With the integration of the news, we know that this is a horror puzzle game for the PSVR platform, similar to other similar gameplay. But differently, this is a game that contains Chinese elements!

Chinese game full of Chinese elements

Seeing the kind of dragon with wings in the West, in the Chinese game we must have the Oriental Dragon we proud of since ancient times. In the officially released modelling image, the dragon's appearance is reminiscent of the "Yingkou Falling Dragon Event" in 1934, and many people are skeptical of the game's worldview and storyline assumptions.

Development log announces "Dragon" related to world view

Subsequently, the official official name of the game is "New Year's Eve KILL X." When you think of New Year's Eve, you naturally think of the fairy tales about the beast and the gods. When combined with the contents of the previous decipherment, a thick "Chinese style" can be felt.

The yin and yang fish logo design reveals a strong Chinese style

Surprising game quality

In the official map set, we can see that the quality of the game is beyond imagination, and we turn our attitude towards “domestic games”. Although the purpose of this free trial is to use sound and light colors to allow players to experience the immersive experience of virtual reality, it does not add too much complicated gameplay, but it is very suitable for players who just touch PSVR.

The scene is very detailed and the lighting effect is also very good

Sexy coquettish sister paper

Besieged by monsters

Scene atmosphere rendering is in place

So, what exactly is the situation in the game? Please download the game and enter the experience!

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