What students choose to look at: It is important to choose new hardware

IT168 shopping guide in the computer selection, in addition to a very small number of pure appearance of the party, we must presumably will be the computer performance configuration as the primary element of computer choice. In a variety of hardware, the CPU, graphics card, and memory are obviously the core hardware that can determine the performance of the computer. Today Xiao Bian talked to everyone about several points that need attention in the hardware selection, and why should we choose the latest hardware configuration, what good is the new hardware in the end?

Key points 1. CPU is not as fast as possible

In the process of selecting a computer, most people will certainly use CPU performance as the first element to purchase computers. Including various manufacturers will also advertise how powerful the CPU. However, Xiao Bian has to explain here a small misunderstanding: CPU is not the better the better. The performance of mainstream notebook products that are implemented in sales are sufficient for everyone to smoothly handle the needs of office and audio/video. At the same time, those high-frequency, multi-core products cannot play a stronger role in non-large-scale software and games. Advantages come.

The high-performance and low-power products represented by Intel's Core M Series and Core U series CPUs can provide lower power consumption and heat under the premise of sufficient performance, making notebooks more lightweight and clean. Lisuo, more portable. According to the development of technology, the new process technology and architecture will work hard for lower power consumption and higher performance. So the latest laptops can serve everyone with higher performance and thinner body than their predecessors.

The new seventh-generation Intel Core processor series "Kabylake" is the latest and ultimate in this road. The 14nm manufacturing process coupled with the latest Kabylake optimization architecture achieves a 10% higher performance than the previous generation in the first U-series low-voltage notebook CPUs. It also guarantees lower heat generation and the same TDP. This makes the power consumption of these CPUs the highest. Of the many notebook manufacturers, Dell is the first to mass-produce laptops equipped with this series of CPUs. Today Xiao Bian has recommended a new concept computer for students who want to try it early. This is the most balanced configuration among the products currently equipped with the seventh-generation Core processor.

Specially recommended a 黛 燃 7000 Series 14-inch micro-border notebook 5099 yuan

The 7000 is Dell's latest design of a stylish notebook computer, its biggest feature is the use of similar to the XPS 13 micro-frame design, the screen around the top three borders only 7mm, not only high value, and the body is smaller. At the same time, the aircraft also uses a metal body design, combined with diamond cutting process, the overall texture is very good, and has gold and silver options to meet you or calm or high profile character.

In terms of configuration, the Dell Fuel 7000 is equipped with the latest generation Intel Core i5-7200U processor, and its performance is even stronger. Support dual hard drives, both speed and capacity. Combined with 4GB of single-channel DDR4 2400 Mhz memory and NVIDIA 940MX graphics, performance is 29% faster than the previous generation. The whole machine has a micro-frame design at the same time, FHD IPS full high-definition screen, the resolution is as high as, these configurations with I5-7200U as the core, to meet the vast majority of students' daily school entertainment needs. And now to buy "not only have special prices, but also send Dell backpack + send Dell 3 years Premium Support service + <free gift package> buy and send package mouse set! + send custom version of the luggage (limited to 10 copies a day)"

Point two, graphics performance is very important new architecture makes the ultimate limit

Compared to CPU performance, it is necessary to balance power consumption, heat, number of cores, and main frequency to achieve better balance. The same as the core hardware, the graphics card requirements are much simpler: the higher the performance, the better. . In particular, when various 4K resolution or VR 3A titles are ready to take off, it is the first element of the selection of graphics cards by game savvy when preparing for the performance of these games in advance.

Before and after the performance of the two generations, the advantages of rolling grade

As with the CPU, more advanced processes and architectures will result in a significant increase in graphics performance, while the core body will be smaller and more stable. For example, this year's new Pascal architecture will be able to fully integrate the desktop and notebook graphics cores, and to achieve almost twice the performance of the previous Maxwell architecture. And this performance is not necessarily shrinking even on laptops. This advancement in performance has made the use of notebooks to play mainstream VR games as a matter of course.

So naturally, Xiao Bian naturally has to recommend an extreme game book worthy of the "performance peak". Speaking of the game originally, it is naturally the most orthodox old brand of Alienware aliens owned by Dell. In early September, they introduced a new model of Alienware series, all equipped with GTX 1080/1070/1060 series graphics card performance performance, the new mold with the latest graphics for this historic old brand once again stood at the peak of performance.

Especially recommended two Dell Alienware 15 (2016 models) 15-inch game this 21999 yuan

The 2016 Alienware games were originally "VR ready" devices, while reducing the thickness of the body by at least 20%. The new Alienware 15 notebook is made of metal and magnesium alloy frames, both sides are designed with light columns, are equipped with Windows Hello camera, also added support for G-sync technology, support VR technology, 15.6-inch models with 120Hz OLED display, equipped with Intel i7-6700HQ processor, 16GB/1TB memory +256G SSD solid state drive.

Of course, the most important thing is the new GTX 1070 that they are carrying. This new graphics card has a beautiful power consumption ratio and is better than the performance of the previous generation of desktop flagship GTX 980. The perfect support for DirectX 12 and VR devices is to double the performance gap from the previous generation of GTX 970M. .

Point three, memory not only depends on the size of the standard frequency is also important

Memory is used as a place where data calculated by various hardware can quickly go in and out. A memory module that is not fast enough can inevitably limit the performance of the CPU as a wooden barrel. In the case of ensuring the size of the memory (usually 4GB to 8GB of memory can ensure that the computer runs at a fast speed) maintaining a high frequency and wide bandwidth is naturally a better improvement in the speed of the computer.

Comparison between DDR3 (left) and DDR4 (right). The latter has lower voltage requirements and higher frequency performance.

The latest memory is the DDR4 standard, which further reduced the demand voltage on the previous DDR3L. Now only 1.2V is needed to allow it to perform better. The 2133Mhz jumped up to 2800Mhz notebook memory specifications are also much higher than the DDR3 era 1600Mhz. Therefore, you must be sure that you have a DDR4 memory and you can quickly replace the memory module. (The two notebooks recommended in today's guide are all natively equipped with DDR4 memory)

Well, today's guide is almost here, Xiao Bian will continue to provide some of the notebooks to buy some of the experience and purchase errors in the future, the way to pick more good things for everyone


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