Niu card VR network interactive open new era of VR

VR in the domestic from the start to now become the hottest topics in the field of science and technology only went through a short period of time, the industry's overall development trend and prospects can be described as bright. The continuous upgrading of hardware and software, the rapid increase in the quality of content, so that VR gradually into the public view. In the application of VR, the game occupies a large part and is also a relatively familiar VR application.

VR game is not too warm

Looking at the current development of VR games, it seems that quality has become a pain point in the industry. Expert games are scarce. Most of them are DEMO in 10 minutes. The quality of the game is not high. The result is that the player is only adopting the VR game and it is difficult to return to the VR game for the second time.

From this we can see that VR games can hardly retain players, but we can also predict that the potential of VR games will remain as long as they eliminate these difficulties and make the content more sophisticated. With the reasons that can attract players to stay and continue playing for a long time. It is huge.

In fact, the player is very "PVP"

PVP refers to the tactical player interaction design. We can see that the most popular games in the current PC market such as "League of Legends," "Watching the Vanguard," and "The Glory of the King" follow this "rule". The main common feature of PVP games is that they are very interactive, have social systems, and can work in teams.

The PVP is in the hot fermentation in recent years, the rapid development of e-sports is undoubtedly the best interpretation, e-sports is gradually surpassing most of the traditional sports, becoming the world's most popular sport after the three big ball. In the 2015 League of Legends S5 World Finals, there were 30 million viewers, surpassing 23 million people in the professional basketball NBA finals of the same year. In 2016, the DOTA2 International Invitational TI6 has a total prize money of over US$20 million. From TI1’s total prize price of US$1.6 million in 2011 to 2015, this figure has increased by more than 11 times.

Facts have proved that players are very "PVP", but at present the contents of major game platforms are almost covered by PVE games that are not interactive, which results in a poor game experience and a low rate of replay.

Import PVP concepts into VR

The concept of PVP into VR, so that VR games can be networked, allowing players to work in a VR game can also be teamwork, multi-person interaction, rather than being immersed in them alone. The networking of VR games will increase the player's interest and interaction, and cooperation in the game, personal feelings, conflicts and conflicts may become the biggest selling point after VR game networking.

And because VR networking is bound to increase player stickiness, players can enjoy more teamwork, strategic art, and instant play in the game. Niu card VR took the lead in this move. In the nationwide extensive laying of Niu card virtual reality offline entertainment center, entertainment center platform loaded with fine-grade VR games Niu card self-research, gather the user experience online, and then use the characteristics of PVP to bring endless life to VR games.

VP e-sports may be the best way to become PVP's perfect undertaking. It is reported that in the plan of Niu-ka VR, in the near future will be a big issue in the content layout of VR e-sports. We are waiting to see what happens.

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