How the Winds Grow, The More I'm Upset: I-mu Magic USB Charging Fan (Some Outcomes)

Although it has now begun to fall, the "Autumn Tiger" is quite fierce. The bus to the company is now almost half wet. The driver said that the bus company did not open air conditioners for him. Nimmy was a bit paralyzed. . . It seems that we can only solve this problem by ourselves.

Back air conditioning is not realistic on the body, and there is no Zhang Aunt's fan on hand, and how to use ordinary fans without forcing. At the same time, Bai Jun pushed a cabbage USB fan. Sometimes the flash of light flashes, Newton also eats apples! ! ! Immediately open Zhang Aunt found the channel search "fan".

Mini, USB interface, with charging, seems to meet my requirements. However, the price of the goods is more expensive, because a large number of Ma Wan USB fans 9.9 yuan. However, this product comes with a battery, Yan value looks good, then one to it. Original price 79 yuan, now special price 59 yuan, receive hidden 10 yuan coupons, the last 49 yuan package mail.

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Fan out of the box

The merchant used Yuantong express and took 3 days to arrive. There is no filling in the box and it should be rocked all the way.

Take out the box. Hehehehe I won. There is a clear trace of the top seal. It seems to be returned second-hand goods. Is the discount 10 yuan can only get this kind of thing? ? ?

The side of the box is a product introduction and operating instructions. It can be learned from the box that this fan has 3 wind adjustments, comes with a 1200 mAh lithium battery and uses a copper superstatic machine.

Open the box from the top. Ha ha ha really tragedy. The box is completely torn, this is the rhythm of the business to give me a bad opportunity. This rhythm is very good. It seems that I need to follow the feeling and let it carry me. I hope to wait for me not far away....

There are not many things inside. Fan, warranty card, Micro USB charging cable, product recommendation card.

The fan is entirely white and made of plastic. The entire body only has two buttons, raised "+" and "-".

The small hole on the back of the fan is the battery indicator light. The indicator light flashes when charging and low battery. Below the hole is the Micro USB charging port. Plug in the data cable to charge the internal battery with the charger, charging treasure, etc.

A white anti-slip pad is attached to the bottom. Unfortunately, there is a slight misplaced position.

The side of the fan is equipped with a soft belt "decoration". Hand-held belts can be lifted or hung in a suitable place.

At the back of the Micro USB charging port, there is also a short bracket hidden. When turned on, the fan can be tilted to a fixed angle, ideal for blowing on the face.

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Detail work

Details of a site for a simple record. The following is a detailed representation of the warm yellow light.

In terms of workmanship, it is still more affordable. First of all, the entire body of the fan is sleek. The surface corners are chamfered, and the surrounding seams are also very tight. The whole fan has a strong sense of unity.

A line of English words is also written on the fan's soft belt. This probably means that the fan is a portable mini fan designed by I-mu. I thought it would be a relatively tall slogan with connotations.

The fan himself will not be dismantled. Here is an official dismantling plan.

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Use a short review

The fan is small, about the size of a palm, and can be easily included in the income package. As for the weight, it is lighter than Xiaomi’s mobile power.

The way to open the fan is very simple, just press and hold the "+" button for about 2 seconds to boot. The default wind speed is low after power on. The wind speed can be adjusted by pressing the "+" sign, up to the third gear. The "-" key decreases the wind speed. Press and hold the "-" sign for 2 seconds to turn off the fan.

Because there is no professional instrument, I will simply show the wind speed through two pictures. The first picture shows the default low wind speed. The second picture shows the third high-speed wind condition.

Next is the hidden function that was found by accident. Open the short bracket and place it on a smooth surface. Because of the rotational vibration of the fan blade, the fan will spin. This really comes with a 360-degree rotation feature. . . In fact, to solve this problem is very simple. Simply put the belt on the bracket.

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to sum up

Disadvantages: 1. Charging battery life is not good. 2. The wind is louder.

Advantages: 1. The appearance of good value. 2. Small size, light weight, easy to carry. 3. Built-in battery.

At the disadvantages, I have said that the battery life is not good. Here I only secretly tell you that the measured battery comes about 3 hours or so without electricity, and it takes 2 hours to fully charge the battery. There is a difference between using the PC's USB port to supply power and the wind speed of the battery. The speed of the wind with its own battery is much greater. Although all copper ultra-static machines are used, the whistles of the fans still cannot be avoided.

At the end, I still want to spit on businesses. Actually sending "secondhand" to me, not only the inner box is damaged, but also a lot of dirt inside the fan.

The question is now. Do I need to give a bad review? After the praise, it was written with a summary of the bad review. Because I heard that Tmall will eliminate bad reviews, and praise will be embarrassing.

By staylalala 0819

0821 Supplement:

Why should I add? ? ? Because after I used it for two days, there was an oil spill and I was directly involved. It seems that the motor is very dirty and there is actually so much water. Feel the body was hollowed out. . .