Oculus Medium: Touch handle first 3D modeling tool

Virtual Reality (VR), 3D printing, and these cutting-edge technologies that once were hopelessly accessible have now entered people’s daily lives. For example, the purpose of Oculus Medium is to popularize 3D modeling and printing. The following is an article published by Kent Bye on roadtovr, which briefly introduces the research and development philosophy of Oculus Medium.

Oculus Medium 3D Model

Oculus Medium may be Oculus Touch's first professional 3D modeling tool. Its development aims to popularize the process of creating 3D art and making 3D printed objects. The original intention of the Oculus Medium developers was not to create a high-end industrial art tool, but the initial beta testers have begun to integrate it into the professional 3D graphics pipeline.

In the past year, Medium has undergone a large-scale improvement and user interface development. Now on December 6th, the Oculus Touch controller is about to be released, and it has entered the final stage of perfection. I had the opportunity to discuss with Brian Green, the head of Oculus Medium, about some of the design concepts behind Medium and how some professional artists, such as Goro Fujita (Fujita Fujita), have begun to use the amazing way. We have explored the evolution of 3D user interfaces and how they want to stick to a substantive symbol that people can understand, not an abstract concept that only professional design can understand. Medium is a good example of a VR program that illustrates the power of immersive computer computing and how it can be more intuitive and simple than previous 2D methods.