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As a regular member of Aunt Zhang, she often missed her billions of babies and was bitter. Because students spend more time on their youth and walk away (in fact, lazy cancer patients), there is not much time, so they did not contribute anything to Auntie. The idea of ​​giving my aunt a little bit of her own time. (In fact, it is to find a reason to go hand in hand) In the digital era if you say what is needed most, then the electricity should be one of them. Whether it is a mobile power or desktop charger, these peripherals are undoubtedly to meet our demand for electricity. However, with a large number of peripheral brands, how to choose is also the most troublesome thing for us. Today I will introduce my experience. As a student who spent 10 years of youth in a fully enclosed school, electricity is usually not enough, no matter if it is a feature machine or a smart machine. I have used mobile power since July 2012 and have used six or seven mobile power sources. I used the Scuds to create the M80S, and now Tmall also sells. I've got a few pictures for me in Zhongguancun.

As a worthy party I must praise it. Exquisite workmanship, neat edges without glitches, when the year is indeed the quality of mobile power, living is a work of art ah. After being used, he was circled by scuds. After spending two years with SUDC replaced Scud

Unfortunately, this is not a good idea, battery conversion efficiency is low, and the value of the color is low. Afterwards, I went to find a no return home that was suitable for my mobile power supply. I had used Le Bao Pebble and Samsung's Panda Power. It was not so good. Later I saw Anker in JD. After accidentally using its nylon wire, she felt that the work was really good and she was long.

Preheat map:

In fact, I was concerned about this mobile power in the United States in the early morning, lazy cancer you know, do not want to toss too much trouble

Unexpectedly, there has been a warm-up of the Tmall official. SO, you understand

Here I am popular. ANKER is a global registered brand born in California, USA. It has good sales in Europe, America and Japan. Especially in Amazon America, it has been the first in sales of rechargeable products for three consecutive years. It can be said that it is a very strong. The peripherals are branded, and their products are guaranteed for 18 months, so quality is certainly no problem.

Waited for more than two months and finally waited for you...


Anker PowerCore+ power supply is used as an example to open the whole family. The mobile power supply is packaged in a corrugated packaging box, which is relatively simple and environmentally friendly. And this mobile power on both sides posted a one-time mark, marked open, then it is not the first-hand goods, which is still common in many products on the packaging, you can see that Anker is more concerned about the product packaging . The contents of the package are quite rich, in addition to the mobile power itself, there are USB-A to Tpye-C data cable, USB-A to Micro data cable and Tpye-C to Tpye-C data cable, carrying bag, manual and a very Humanized after-sales card, printed on the after-sales card with "Happy?" And "Not Happy?", telling you that the product is not satisfied with the corresponding page, this design makes people feel that the product is very warm heart.

Storage kits make a separate presentation. Good workmanship, before they had a fake leather case, forcing high. Although this simple and simple but good shock absorption function (nobody wants to have a variety of pits on the mobile power, do not ask me how to know), the texture is very good. Space is enough. It's okay to put three lines in. Let the bag in the journey save a lot of space.

As the Lord came, the shape of the AnkerPowerCore+ mobile power supply was relatively slender. It can be seen by comparing my Doraemon hands. The volume of this power supply is also larger than that of the same type of mobile power supply. It can't be said that you can carry it with you. However, it is once and for all to go for a trip. The large-capacity target is a digital enthusiast who uses it for a long time. Adopting a mobile power supply with an aluminum alloy case, it is very delicate in terms of tactile sensation and perception. The anodizing treatment is just right, and the chamfering of the frame is also very simple. There is not a sense of plasticity like many other mobile power sources. Due to the popularity of the Type-C interface, this power supply appears to be just right, and the student party is considering this situation.

Here to highlight the Tpye-C to Tpye-C data line, the significance of this data line is the official promotion of Apple's new generation of notebook New Macbook to charge. Use this cable to connect the mobile power supply and the Type-c interface on the New Macbook for charging. As shown in the official rendering:

Do not have New Macbook equipment at hand, do not do the test here, find a few pictures on the net for everybody to look at. By the way, the Type-C interface is popularized here: Type-c is a new type of interface introduced by Intel and USB implementers at the 2015 CES exhibition. Type-C is a connection interface of the USB interface, and it is not divided into two sides. Both can be plugged in, and support USB standard charging, data transmission, display output and other functions as other interfaces. And compared with Apple's own Lightning Dock interface, USB 3.1 Type C transmission speed and data integration capabilities are even better, in theory, the Type-c interface transmission speed can reach 10Gbps. After the release of the new MacBook NEW MACBOOK in 2015, it was widely popularized. The following figure is a comparison of the old and new interfaces on Macbook air and New Macbook

The official introduction of this mobile power This power highlights their core technology Power IQ and Type-c interface support. I am here to introduce Power IQ technology. Anker has equipped its PowerCore+ mobile power supply with a high-powered flash charge smart Power IQ core smart identification chip that precisely matches mobile devices such as smart phone tablets. The custom current for the charging device allows the charging current to be faster. . This technology contains the buck compensation technology I have specifically checked and is relatively new. Because we all know that the current voltage at home and abroad are not fixed at a frequency, when the electricity has a certain fluctuation of the current, so charging charging equipment is also a great harm. This technology in their home can make the current flow smoothly, improve the charging efficiency and reduce the current damage to the equipment. Everyone knows that battery damage is irreversible. This technology can effectively prolong the service life of the battery. I looked at the forums of Tianya Zhihui and products. Most people feel that there is a small increase in the charging speed. Individuals who see the benevolent see the wise see wisdom. This technology is sure to have There are patents in foreign countries on Amazon. After all, multinational companies have been abroad for so long, and they can't be worse if they can stand still.

On the top of the body, it has two USB output ports, Type-c charging port, and printed with Anker's unique IQ logo:

The bottom of the body, printed with nameplate parameters:


The Anker PowerCore+ mobile power supply is equipped with two USB ports that can simultaneously charge two digital devices with up to 3A of current. There is a power indicator on the top of the fuselage, press the button to query the remaining power of the current mobile power. The white light echoes with the black body. Even at night, it is not afraid to see the power, and the coolness of technology is full. For Anker PowerCore+ mobile power more emphasis on long-term use of equipment, 20100mAh battery capacity is also just to meet the aircraft carrying requirements, very suitable for business people often need to travel, cool metal shell and simple design can also meet some digital hobbies The request. Compared to ordinary mobile power, Anker's PowerCore+ mobile power supply may be more professional and technical sense, and I personally like this kind of simple product.

By the time I got my hands, there were four grids of electricity that passed two hours of discharge. After charging from zero to full, the official data was not insignificant. I used Qualcomm's second-generation charger. I think this The data is a good achievement for a mobile power of 20,000 milliamperes. Then think of the bottom of the box there Anker home powerport 40W5 desktop charger, took out to try compatibility, worthy of their own brother equipment ah! Anker's charging head is very supportive of its own power supply, up to 2.21A. Fill from zero to more in 7 hours. Full of positive energy.

Attach the current and voltage graphs when the mobile power is charged

Attach current and voltage graphs when mobile power is charging the phone

The support for moto has always been not very friendly. Their home's POWER IQ charging technology was not very friendly to my NEW MOTO X recognition during the evaluation of the last charging plug. There was no other device in my hand. The students said they could not afford to hurt. Have the old device new moto x to test. Support Qualcomm fast charging 2.0 charge, from 10% to 100% spent an hour 11 minutes, is also a relatively good result.

Attach the current and voltage test chart for charging the phone with the original device

Discharge test test, because it is a long time many tests I will not be on the map (I actually did not intend to take photos, the project is really too large), through some measured data to tell everyone the results. For New MOTO X, after 8 times of full charge, 1 cell remains. We know that the battery capacity of New MOTO X is 2200mAh by querying the data, while Panasonic's 18650 high-density lithium cobalt oxide battery is used in the Anker PowerCore+ mobile power supply. Through experimental tests, it is found that the measured battery conversion rate of this PowerCore+ mobile power supply is still quite high, at least 90%, and the official promotion of the 95% battery conversion rate is basically the same.

As far as I know, this should be a TYPE-C interface with a veteran-level power supply. From this point of view, Anker's grasp of market opportunities is still relatively accurate. And through the experience of the past few days, I found that it was not uncomfortable to go out with it. Instead, it had the convenience of carrying slender strips. For example, I could easily put it into a small space in a full bag. . And his thick appearance makes people feel safe and at ease. Girls can also take self-defense.


Summarize it:

Advantages: Anker PowerCore+ mobile power is exquisite workmanship, avant-garde, relatively easy to use Type-C, with three or four days to go out when traveling is properly, with ANKER's unique "POWER IQ" charging technology, Anker's The mobile power supply can be intelligently matched to the equipment. A more stable and efficient charging experience is undoubtedly the unique advantage of ANKER. In today's fast-paced life, high efficiency is important, and what ANKER Mobile Power brings is to improve the efficiency of life. There is also a major highlight of the sale, the warranty is 18 months, which is unmatched by other domestic brands. Recharging the New Macbook is also a future direction for the development of mobile power. After all, adopting a standard like the interface is the mainstream. (DELL xps 13 is not satisfied, all kinds of tests can not, probably rushed into the voltage is not enough. Sad), I hope to flourish it ... with xps I have been crying in the toilet.

Disadvantages: expensive, expensive, expensive (three times important things), in addition to your feeling a bit heavy, relatively increase the burden on travel. In fact, as a mobile power supply, electronic fast consumer products based on the price price, things really nothing to pick out the problems. By the way, forget to say that you must wear a protective cover, be sure to wear a protective cover, and you must wear a protective cover. Three important things to say

Buying advice: It is particularly recommended for business people and digital enthusiasts to buy, especially for those who are away for a long time, the charging speed experience is quite awesome. It is recommended to use Anker's own charging equipment and data cable. (Tyre cat's own TYPE-C nylon data line looks like it hasn't sold yet. I have to wait for the perfect plot, wait, etc.)

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