How to configure an assembled computer? 2016 tips for assembling computer hardware options

Choosing a good DIY computer is to give us a good helper, to help us solve many problems, and to have fun with us, so it is very important to choose a good computer. It is better than the branded computer we buy, because we are in accordance with our own requirements, so it is more in line with our own usage habits, and the price is much cheaper than the brand machine, so it is loved by most computer users.

How to configure an assembled computer? 2016 tips for assembling computer hardware options

A computer is nothing more than the following hardware:

CPU, memory, graphics card, hard disk, chassis, motherboard, power supply, monitor, keyboard, mouse, cpu fan, etc., the optical drive is rarely used today. In addition, if you need wireless Internet access, you can also buy a PCI or USB wireless network card.

The following are the selection techniques for each hardware of the DIY computer:

Motherboard selection : recommend three motherboard manufacturers ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, these three manufacturers are first-line manufacturers, the quality of the motherboard is absolutely great, according to personal preferences to choose, if you play games, it is best to choose Gigabyte and Asus . These two produced motherboards have absolutely one game to play, and the brand motherboards also have to look at the models, some are shrinking versions, and the quality is not, so the motherboard mainly looks at the brand + mainstream models.

CPU choice : CPU choice is nothing more than two, AMD and intel two CPUs, according to personal needs to choose the CPU, these two CPUs are good, but now the CPU must basically choose a 4-core CPU, now If you choose intel CPU, I5 is recommended. If you choose AMD, it is recommended to choose Snapdragon II. If you have the ability, of course, I7 CPU is not excluded.

CPU fan selection : Kyushu Fengshen, Cool Cool Extreme, Red Sea, Red Sea Extreme Edition (8CM), East China Sea Silent Edition (9CM), Persian Gulf (12CM). Kyushu Fengshen: Beta 200+, Beta 400+, are 9CM, cool and supreme. There is no special emphasis on the choice of fans. Just pay attention to the degree of heat dissipation. Just choose a fan with good heat dissipation or heat dissipation. It will be fine.

The choice of graphics card : a good graphics card will undoubtedly make the whole computer even more powerful, so that the overall performance of the computer is greatly increased. There are several first-line graphics card manufacturers to choose from. AMD, Asus, Sapphire, Colorful, and GALAXY Gigabyte are all ideal for playing games or watching movies. Other small brands of graphics cards are here. Not recommended, the Rainbow and Sapphire HD series is pretty good.

Memory selection : Memory selection is nothing more than 4G or 8G. Many motherboards now have four memory module sockets, so don't worry about the lack of memory. There are several first-line brands available for selection, Kingston, ADATA. The pirate ship's memory is pretty good, but here is a strong recommendation for Kingston's memory, Kingston is undoubtedly the best memory in all memory.

Hard disk selection : The choice of hard disk depends on your own situation. Generally, 500G and 1TB can basically meet the demand. However, the current mechanical hard disk is basically a 1TB large-capacity hard disk. The recommended brands are Seagate and Western Digital.

It is worth mentioning that in recent years, SSD has become popular, and the reading speed is several times that of the traditional mechanical hard disk, effectively solving the computer hardware bottleneck problem. When choosing a solid state drive, the entry level is generally 120GB, and the mainstream will be able to choose 240GB. This capacity version is basically sufficient and good value for money, so it is the most selected. Larger SSDs with larger capacity are more expensive and are not recommended at this time.

Power supply selection : A power supply is like a logistics department. A good power supply will make the whole chassis run smoothly, so here are several brands to choose from, Huntkey, Quanhan, Delta, Haiyun, etc. Several brands must choose the right one.

Chassis selection : A good chassis is chosen according to personal preference. A good chassis will reduce the dust inside the chassis and increase the service life of the hardware, and it can well dissipate the heat generated by the computer hardware to make the system run more. Stable, good-looking appearance also determines the overall effect of the computer, a good chassis can also play a decorative role. How to choose specifically depends on your own aesthetic aspect.

The choice of display: the display can bring a powerful visual feast, and a part of the radiation, if a good display, can minimize the radiation we receive. The display is basically the same in this respect, only to see personal hobbies. In terms of size and brand, today's monitors are popular with large screens of around 23 inches. Samsung, Dell and AOC are good choices for brands.

Keyboard selection : A good keyboard is a must-have aspect of a computer. A good keyboard will allow us to increase comfort and reduce keyboard replacement time. If you play games here, there are two keyboard recommendations, Mechanical Storm and Gigabyte. Two game-specific keyboards.

Mouse selection : The mouse is an indispensable thing. It is an indispensable thing to play games. Here are some professional gaming mice, razer, python, mad snake, hand-recommended python, hand-recommended mad snake. In general, these mice are undoubtedly the most suitable for gamers in terms of service life and comfort.

How to configure an assembled computer? 2016 tips for assembling computer hardware options



When configuring the computer host, be sure to pay attention to the compatibility problems between various hardwares, especially the compatibility between the CPU and the motherboard. In addition, all the hardware is best bought. If the compatibility is not good, it is better to retreat. Look for compatible hardware to match, so the result of the combination is often unexpected.

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